Critical Strikes

A critical strike in Elder Scrolls Online is when an ability, attack or healing does 50% more damage compared to normal. The chance for this to occur is called your critical strike rating or critical strike chance. All characters have a base critical strike rating of 10% which means that all characters have at least a 10% chance to cause a critical strike every time they damage or heal.

Spell Critical effects all abilities which use Magicka.

Weapon Critical effects all abilities which use Stamina.


Critical Strike Rating

You might notice that some item sets increase your critical strike rating with a flat number, not a percentage amount. This is due to internal workings of scaling critical strike chance up to higher Levels of items – previously all sets granted a flat percentage regardless of your Level. It’s difficult to convert the flat number to a percentage because it varies based on your Level.

The formula to work out the flat amount required for 100% critical is 2 * (Level) * (100 + Level).

This means that at Level 50 the flat number required for 100% critical is 15,000. This then tells us that 1,500 is the flat amount required for an extra 10% critical chance at Level 50. It also means that half of that, so 750, is required for an extra 5% critical chance at Level 50.


Increase Critical Chance

You can increase your critical strike rating and there is no limit on how much critical chance a character can have.


  • Miguel Geraldo
    Jun 24, 2016

    when you do the math of the critical formula if it is like you say 2*50*(100+50)=15000 not 10,050, therefore for a 10% raise you would need 1500 not 1050 that would make it a big difference.

    • ESO Academy
      Jun 25, 2016

      Yeah I’m still not sure how the formula works after the removal of Vet Ranks which is why it is messed up at the moment. The formula used to take into account VR right up to VR16 so I’m not sure if it still does take into account CP (up to CP 160) or not… I changed those numbers for now though.


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