Enchanting is the process of making Glyphs to use on your gear. Glyphs can enchant both armor, weapons and jewelry with bonuses like increased stats or damage. Enchanting is probably the most complex of all of the crafting systems in ESO but it is also very valuable to get the most out of your gear.


To make any Glyphs in ESO you will need three Runes. You will need an Essence Rune, a Potency Rune and an Aspect Rune.

The Essence Rune indicates the actual effect of the Glyph and includes things like Max Magicka, Weapon Damage, etc.

The Potency Rune indicates the level of the Glyph and also whether the Glyph is positive or negative as in whether the Glyph will add something (like Flame Damage) or take away something (so like Flame Resistance).

The Aspect Rune will simply determine the quality of the Glyph from White, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

Essence Runes

Potency Runes

Aspect Runes


Glyphs are the finished product for an Enchanter, they provide a specific bonus for armor, weapons or jewelry. A Glyph will have a level range which indicates the level of the items that it can be used on and also a quality similar to armor and weapons. The better the quality of the Glyph – White, Green, Blue, Purple or Gold – the better the effect of the Glyph.

There are different Glyphs for armor, weapons and jewelry which provide different effects.

Armor Gylphs

Weapon Glyphs

Jewelry Glyphs


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    Jul 15, 2016

    This section is severely out of date.

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    Aug 4, 2016

    Where is an up to date enchanting listing?


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