Heavy Magika Nightblade PVP

Author: King Taco The Crunchy


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

20000+ 35000 15000




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Swallow Soul

Nightblade Skill

Swallow Soul



Crippling Grasp

Nightblade Skill

Crippling Grasp



Merciless Resolve

Nightblade Skill

Merciless Resolve

Grim Focus


Mass Hysteria

Nightblade Skill

Mass Hysteria

Aspect of Terror


Radiant Magelight

Mages Guild Skill

Radiant Magelight



Soul Harvest

Nightblade Skill

Soul Harvest

Death Stroke


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Restoration Staff

Illustrious Healing

Restoration Staff Skill

Illustrious Healing

Grand Healing


Structured Entropy

Mages Guild Skill

Structured Entropy



Siphoning Attacks

Nightblade Skill

Siphoning Attacks

Siphoning Strikes



Nightblade Skill




Shadowy Disguise

Nightblade Skill

Shadowy Disguise

Shadow Cloak


Lights Champion

Restoration Staff Skill

Lights Champion



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 0 6


Gear and Item Set Info


2x Nerien'eth,Head and shoulder, Both heavy, Impen is best but sturdy is fine and infused on head is fine(magika glyphs on them both but if you want more raw stats tri glyph on head)

5x Seducer,Chest,Arms,Legs,Feet,Shield.All heavy, All impen, tri stat glyphs on chest and legs, magika on feet and arms, Health on shield(you can put magika but then your health will be drastically different on both bars because of entropy and that bugged me alot)

5x Alteration mastery,Jewelry,waist, Weapons, For jewelry make sure epic and put magika damage glyphs on them, the waist will have to be light which is fine and that will have magika on it along with being impen, The 1h weapon you will want it either infused,precise or sharpened along with either a oblivion glyph or fire glyph, The resto staff you want defending but the trait that adds additional healing is good as well and with weapon damage glyph


If you cant find a altertion mastery 1h or resto staff(i havent found resto staff) You can run those peices seducer just make sure if you run seducer 1h run alteration mastery shield. 

You can run a addition medium peice but make sure it hands or waist(becuase hands or waist offer the least mitigation lost when running weaker gear)

If you cant find alteration mastery waist you can look for hands as well but ideally you only want this peice to be on one of these parts of your gear because light armor has reduced resistance.

If you dont like nerien'th run any other monster set but i recomened one that adds more damage(nerien'th works well because most ppl either ignore it or if they try to get away from it we hit them with grasp(or fear) and now they have to use more stamina to get away or take a big hit.)



General Info



Argonian(master race)

any other race can work fine with build.

Ideally be vampire but not required

Mundus stone: in order 

The apprentince

The thief 

The lover

The atronarch

The serpent



Tri stat if you are not at 15k stamina(main goal)

Witch mothers brew if you need more magika sustain and are already at 15k stamina goal(i never ran into magika issues even when spamming heals non stop)

Dubious cameron throne if you need more stamina sustain and to hit 15k stamina goal

Max health and Max magika if your magika sustain is good and you are at 15k stamina goal.


Run tri stat potions if any race but argonian,argonians can run trash potions if we dont have tri stat because we will still get a ton of resources back on use.

Play style:

Mainly group but solo is ok i geuss never really do.

You want to help with heals and releive pressure from squishy dps

You can run in first and tank a bit to help you teamates and you can slow down the enemys that are pressuring



We have unlimited magika sustain(i have had groups of ppl wailing on me while i just keep spamming ilistrous healing than just cloaked away)

Were pretty tanky, we get resolve from using a shadow skill and we have so much healing recieved buffs and healing done buffs.

We can deal good 1v1 damage

We can provide strong heals for our group(spam a few illustrious healings and go into cloak so all the heals can crit)


Since vampire fire damage sucks

very hard to 1vx especially if they have healer

can struggle fighting other tanks(they most end in stale mater where i just cloak away,or i can kill them)

Combat strategy:

Stay with group is best, solo you can get zerged or not kill anyone

Pick a target, light attack-structered entropy-bar swap, crippling grasp(op imo)  light attack-swallow soul-Bash until your ulti is ready and bow is ready than go for finish burst, light attack-fear-bash,light attack-soul harvest bash, light attack-spectral arrow(DO NOT BASH OR SPECTRAL ARROW WILL NOT GO THREW) 

You dont have to bash if you dont want to waste stamina but it really does help are dps by alot.

Use crippling grasp on someone when ur monster helm procs so they cant run away(fear works to)

Use crippling grasp on someone when they use mist form because you will slow there speed so you and everyone else can be on the tail wacking with lights to build ulti thant when there out either crippling grasp again or fear and murder them with finisher(which you should have because you just wack with light attacks)

Skill alternatives:

If you want slightly more dps use concealed weapon instead of swallow soul, but swallow soul has long range,gives us heals and is so freaking cheap.

Radiant magelight is a flex spot so put whatever you like, i like the extra crit it gives and they ability to find those gankers that failed to gank you.

You can put meteor instead of soul harvest or lights champion. It very good against a group of noobs who dont see coming. If you plan to use against a 1v1 make sure to use meteor wait a sec than light attack-fear so you drop there block.

You can try mutagen or healing ward instead of ilustrious healing but i was having 10x more success with ilustrious healing. Also you can try shield stacking with dampen magik and healing ward.

If you have access to major sorcerey you can drop structered entropy and put whatever you see fit.

You can run stamina morph of siphoning attacks(i plan to do this) if you want more stamina sustain.

You can run mist form instead of cloak but than you lose a shadow skill and imo cloak is the way better alternative. 

You can run any other ulti over lights champion but this skill has saved me and my group countless times and it gives 12% crit damage and 30% damage mitigation which is OP





Champion Point Tips


Run however you want

I recomend

atleast 10% healing done and healing recieved

24% into reduce block cost

2k+ spell penetration

atleast 31(34,37,40,44,48,52 work also) on master at arms(direct damage increase.

75 into magika recovery

some points into reduce bash cost if you decide you prefer to bash

and 75 into reduce flame damage,because were vamps :(

rest allocate however your style is





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  • MrSock
    Sep 1, 2017

    Why is this listed as a “tank” when it has no ability to taunt that I can see?

  • Ste
    Sep 3, 2017

    Because you don’t need to taunt in PVP

  • Tu'er shengi
    Sep 5, 2017

    What are the stats to allocate via attribute points?


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