Author: Niezhel



Race: Altmer (High Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

17,200 36,700 14,700




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Destruction Staff

Crushing Shock

Destruction Staff Skill

Crushing Shock

Force Shock


Elemental Blockade

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Blockade

Wall of Elements


Liquid Lightning

Sorcerer Skill

Liquid Lightning

Lightning Splash


Empowered Ward

Sorcerer Skill

Empowered Ward

Conjured Ward


Inner Light

Mages Guild Skill

Inner Light



Elemental Rage

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Rage

Elemental Storm


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Destruction Staff

Elemental Drain

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Drain

Weakness to Elements


Velocious Curse

Sorcerer Skill

Haunting Curse

Daedric Curse


Boundless Storm

Sorcerer Skill

Boundless Storm

Lightning Form


Harness Magicka

Light Armor Skill

Harness Magicka



Power Surge

Sorcerer Skill

Power Surge



Energy Overload

Sorcerer Skill

Energy Overload



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
5 1 1


Gear and Item Set Info



Magicka recovery: 822

Health Recovery: 217

Stamina Recovery: 668

Spell Damage: 2298 (2723 with power surge)

Spell Crit: 49%

Spell Resist: 10977

Physical Resist: 9162



Maelstrom/Master Staff, whatever you have

Ilambris Visage

Ilambris Epaulets

Robe of Julianos / Heavy Chest if going 7 light or not using heavy helm (i like robe look and have hat hiding helm)

Sash of Julianos

Gloves of Julianos

Guards of Julianos

Shoes of Julianos

Necklace of Willpower Spell Dmg

Ring of Willpower Spell Dmg

Ring of Willpower Spell Dmg



General Info


How this set up works:

You will be dealing constant damage multiple times per second to enemies with Power Surge or Crit Surge(if using spell power pots) constantly healing you every second for dealing crit damage. Keep shields up against very high dps bosses, but against most things you can just rely on boundless storm and power surge to keep you alive. The damage shield abilities can be stacks to effectively put you on 43k health making you very hard to kill and able to outlast almost anything.


This is not the most efficient set up but it is a very fun and easy set up to use, things can be switching in and out as you like.

The aim of this set up is to be cheap and cheerful using Power Surge for spell damage and healing and regular magicka potions to sustain a bit better although potions are not needed at all they allow you to use more crushing shock ability which is the spamable dps ability.


You have two damage shields, I like to run Empowered Ward on front bar as it lasts 10 seconds but when doing serious PVE content i recommend switching Harness Magicka to the front bar and Empowered Ward to back as Harness Magicka restores Magicka three times while active and in these times your Empowered Ward would not last 10 seconds anyway.


Keep Blockade + Liquid Lightning up all the time on your main target, the back bar you switch to every 25-30 seconds to reapply buffs (Power Surge, Light Attack, Boundless Storm, Light Attack, Elemental Drain, Light Attack, Haunting Curse) I recommend timing it so you go to the backbar just after laying down Blockade/Liquid Lightening as they will be dealing damage while you are buffing up.


Champion Point Tips


My Champ points are not optimized and i am only 350~ CP but here is how i have mine set up:



55 Tenacity

55 Arcanist

10 Tumbling



34 Elfborn

25 Elemental expert

10 Spell Erosion

20 Master at arms

31 Thermaturge



40 Ironclad

27 Thick Skinned

27 Hardy

27 Elemental Defender




Build Rating

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  • Johnnyjonson
    Oct 15, 2017

    Hey, nice build fam. Wondering if you are using your overload bar as a mobility bar or what’s going on there?

    I was thinking boundless storm, streak, empowered, daedric mines, and w/e.

    Nov 13, 2017

    I absolutely love this build! I only changed the conjured ward for crystal shards and a restoration staff instead so I could get more healing. It is my first sorcerer build and I love it. Good job!


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