Stam Sorcy Porky Orcy PVP

Author: A skrub Lord (on Xbox one)


Race: OrcOrc

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

- - -64




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Two Handed


Sorcerer Skill


Bolt Escape


Critical Rush

Two Handed Skill

Critical Rush

Critical Charge



Two Handed Skill


Reverse Slash


Dizzying Swing

Two Handed Skill

Dizzying Swing



Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Fighters Guild Skill

Dawnbreaker of Smiting



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Bow

Critical Surge

Sorcerer Skill

Critical Surge




Medium Armor Skill




Poison Injection

Bow Skill

Poison Injection

Poison Arrow



Sorcerer Skill


Lightning Form


Dark Deal

Sorcerer Skill

Dark Deal

Dark Exchange


Ice Comet

Mages Guild Skill

Ice Comet



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 5 1


Gear and Item Set Info


 So let's start of our orcy porky with the sets we are using so I like to run 5 piece clever alchemist the reason why I use this over hundings is because we get more damage and if you do the maths in 30 seconds your losing around 200 damage per 30 seconds in 30 secs:

hundings-600 times that by 2 and that 1200 in a minute

alchemist-800 times by 2 that's 1600 every minute 

so that's why I use the clever alchemist as my main set it does more damage by the end of the day and it also bugs me to use a potion which I will talk about in a bit.

now for this build I'm using 2 piece kena I would recommend this but if your not experienced with the build enough then I would recommend a week with 1 piece blood spawn and 1 piece kena then test kena out and learn how to use it trust me.

for Jewerly I would recommend 3 piece agility if you can't afford it then go for endurance but agility will make a difference.

for weapons I would recommend the 2h maelstrom arena the reason why i use this I because it gives me more damage passively and give me more dps on my crit Rush 

for the bow it's all about opinion I would recommend maelstrom instead of the masters bow the reason being is that we get the damage passively and the poison injections will do less due to the masters bow being cp 140 while the maelstrom bow is cp 160.

i would recommend the weapon in sharpend nirnhone or the one that increases the armor penetration (I forgot the name) and for armor you should use 7 piece in Inpen so you can resist more critical damage which is a must have in pvp.


General Info


So I'm going to give you a way to sustain so I would recommend you to run tri stat food so then you can use streak and dark deal more dark deal is your main source of sustain you may want to streak away or get in a position where you have time to use dark deal to get some stam back now if you don't want to streak away this is where potions come in handy Orc 6 percent movement speed hurricane 10 percent and potion pot 30 percent that adds up to an extra 46 percent movement speed that makes you a speed demon on the battlefield so in total you should be ok with keeping yourself alive with this build let's go over the skills I like to use to my advantage:

so let's start with streak the reason why I use streak is to get away and if your using it as a gap closer that's not how I think it should be used say your low health you press vigor and streak away and then you return keep in mind your gap closer is critical rush which I will get on to next.

critical rush in my opinion if you have the maelstrom 2h is the best gap closer it doesn't have the best distance cover up but it's not the worst but every time you use it you get a guaranteed crit which is something I think people don't take advantage of to much and don't see how really good it is and it also has dot which does another load of damage because the maelstrom 2h weapon so in conclusion it's the best gap closer in the game.

next I'm using executioner this is a very good execute it can some times do up to 8k for me, if you can animation cancel it right then you can swing pretty fast and hard with it and in some weird  cases when someone dodge rolls I can hit them with executioner which I think is a bug but we are just using this for our execute.

dizzying swing this is our spam ability now there's not really any other option but sometimes I can hit 8k uncrit with this thing  which is insane on crits for me it does around 12k which is scary it also knocks enemy's over so it's also our cc which is overpowered.

next I use resolving vigor as my heal the reason why I don't use rally is because I already get my major brutality buff from crit surge and in the end crit surge is better if you ask me so that's why I slotted resolving vigor for my panic heal.

moving on to our second bar which is bow 

so im going to start of with critical surge so this build is all about dominating your opponent and keep them under pressure now crit surge this allows me to heal when I get a crit and give me major brutality people may disagree but I love crit surge to much to use rally instead.

the next move i use is shuffle in my opinion this is a must if you didn't notice already the skill itself is actually broken and it does more then 20 percent this has been broken for a long time and I'm unsure why they haven't fixed it yet.

moving on I like to have poison injection and this thing is a beast sometimes it can do 5k ticks or more when the enemy is under 50 percent health which if you ask me I think should get nerfed the common health number is around 25k and it also allows you to block of there heals that's how powerful it is so this is why I have this equipped on my bar.

on our 2nd to last skill hurricane it is a must it gives us an 10 percent movement speed, gives us extra defence and gives us an aoe that grows bigger the longer you have used it until it runs out.

finally our last skill is dark deal this is the ability which will help us sustain if you  get low streak out of there and start spamming dark deal to get your stamina back which is the reason I have it equipped it is the only thing that keeps my stamina going. 

Finally let's move on to ultimates 

on my first bar I use dawn breaker of smiting this ultimate is a conal so if there were 10 people in front of you use it and it would hit all of them I still have to mention that having it equipped grants us a bonus 3 percent bonus damage and anyone who gets hit by it is knocked over which gives you the opportunity to kill them I also forget after its devastating impact it leaves a powerful dot which burns them out for high dps so this is why i use it on my first bar

for the ultimate on our second bar I like to use ice comet this is a ultimate where you call a comet from the sky and if they don't block keep in mind they can't even dodge roll through it which makes it the perfect ultimate for a light armour user and a medium armor user I also will mention that it leaves a devastating aoe on the ground and on impact if not blocking will knock them over.

if I haven't mentioned yet you should be running the thief Mundas stone due to our low crit rating this will also contribute to crit surge increasing our healing and damage.


Champion Point Tips


For champion points I would go for 100 in mighty and 67 in precise strikes

i would recommend 67 in hardy and 100 in elemental defender

finaly put 100 in warlord next I would put 50 in tumbling and 17 in mooncalf.




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  • Bill Blount
    Jan 9, 2017

    Is this build still viable?


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