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How Does The Group Finder Work

In ESO, the Group Finder helps you find a group, or members for your existing group. In the Group screen you can select Group Tools to start a search. You will need to know what activity your group should complete. The most common example of using the Group Finder is for finding people to run Group Dungeons with.

You should first set your desired role in the Group Finder interface. This lets the tool know whether you want to be a damage dealer, tank or healer and helps form balanced groups. You can then set the activity that you want to complete, so for example Veteran Spindleclutch Dungeon, and begin your search. The Group Finder looks at other players searching for a group and pools you together automatically.

Group Finder ESO

The PC Group Finder Interface

You should note that all Group Finder groups which are doing Group Dungeons will have everything scaled to Veteran Rank 16. The enemies will be VR 16 and your stats will scale up to average VR 16 stats. This is part of the Battle Level system. This is to allow a larger pool of players from which to search. The Group Finder will also search through players from opposing Alliances and group you together, again to create a larger pool of potential players.

The Group Finder works best at peak times because there are more players looking for a group. It also works best when the activity is quite popular, for example the current non-Vet or Veteran Pledge.

As of Update 9 (March 2016), you can also choose to do a random Group Dungeon and this will reward you with a bunch of XP and a reward container which might contain valuable items.

Group Finder

Group Finder

There are some flaws with the Group Finder system. The number of players looking for a group will obviously have an impact on the speed at which the Group Finder can form viable groups. Also, players might find that, in situations where there are less players searching for a group, the final group will consist of a wide range of levels.

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  • Matt
    Oct 21, 2016

    I’m disappointed I just did the random dungeons and the leader sped thru the end before I could finish the quest. I lost a ton of xp and skill points on 4 completed dungeons….. Soooo aggravated!!!

  • WHo?
    Feb 28, 2020

    yeah fel your anger i experienced it in wow often and that robo non commentaring member of a group is not part of the group but use us for their needs its so ego buddy



  • Kell
    Apr 29, 2020

    I cant que up with my friend to battlegrounds because it only says solo que


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