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Is All Content Going To Be Scaled

No, well at least not yet. This is a question which comes up more and more. At the moment the only content that is “scaled” is Wrothgar, Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Group Dungeons. What scaled means is that the zones are set at Veteran Rank 16 and players are all scaled up to VR 16 stats. This is the Battle Level feature which was first used in Cyrodiil to provide a level playing field for all players regardless of level.

It is possible that all future DLC content will be scaled in this way. Imperial City was is scaled as it is part of PVP. Wrothgar was scaled because ZOS wanted it to be accessible to all players, not just Veteran Ranked players. Keeping in mind that Veteran Ranks are being removed, possibly half way through 2016, it is possible that all future DLC packs will contain zones which scale players up.

At this time there are no┬áplans to change the existing Levels 1 – 50 zones.

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