Hew’s Bane And Abah’s Landing

Hew’s Bane is the zone which contains most of the Thieves Guild DLC content including many of the story quests, the two Delves (Bahraha’s Gloom and Shark’s Teeth Grotto) and the new Trial Maw of Lorkhaj. Abah’s Landing is a big city in Hew’s Bane and is also home to the Theives Guild in Elder Scrolls Online.

To access Hew’s Bane you must either purchase the Thieves Guild DLC for 2000 Crowns or have an active ESO Plus subscription.

To get to Hew’s Bane for the first time you need to enter any Outlaw Refuge in any city of Tamriel. Speak to a thief called Quen. She will allow you to start the “Partners in Crime” quest which takes you to Hew’s Bane and Abah’s Landing. You can also simply Wayshrine in to Hew’s Bane and Quen will be waiting for you at the Wayshrine to pick up the quest.




Map of Hew's Bane

Map of Hew’s Bane


Map of Abah's Landing

Map of Abah’s Landing


Concept Art

Hew's Bane Abah's Landing

Hew’s Bane South of Hammerfell


Hew's Bane Abah's Landing Concept Art

Hew’s Bane Concept Art


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