12 Month Loyalty Reward

  One Comment   February 13, 2015

ZOS have announced in the February Road Ahead that the 12 Month Loyalty Reward is going to be a Striped Senche (Tiger) Mount as seen here!

ESO 12 Month Loyalty Reward

You must have paid for 300 days to be eligible to receive the 12 Month Loyalty Reward and this can be checked on your Account Page under Billing.

The 12 Month Reward will be released on March 16th, one day before the transition to Tamriel Unlimited and the end of a required ESO subscription.

The Senche should start to arrive in the mail during the week of March 16th but as with the other Loyalty Rewards may face a slight delay getting to everybody’s mail.

After this 12 Month Loyalty Reward the Loyalty Reward Program will end and future subscribers to ESO Plus will not receive further rewards.

One Comment

  • ESO Academy
    Mar 17, 2015

    The Senche will be sent out during the week I believe. The other loyalty rewards had a slight delay and some people didn’t get them for a couple of days after release.

    EDIT: I found the source for this info. It was in ESO Live Ep 13 at 7:34.


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