ESO Live 24 June: Update 11

  One Comment   June 25, 2016

ESO Live (24 June) provided some more details about the upcoming DLC Shadows of the Hist as well as other features planned for Update 11.


Shadow of the Hist Dungeons

There are two new Group Dungeons included in the Shadows of the Hist DLC.

Shadows of the Hist Map


Appearance, Race, Name Change

The character change system will work based on a series of coins purchased with Crowns in the Crown Store. At this time there is no non-Crown option.

To use a coin you must log out and can then select any character to use the coin on.

Name Change

The name change coin will allow you to simply change your character name.

Appearance Change

The appearance change coin will let you change all aspects of your characters appearance as though you were creating a new character. This includes gender and voice changes as well!

Race Change

The race change coin lets your change both your character race AND appearance.


Trade Bind On Pickup Items

A new feature in Update 11 will allow players to trade bind-on-pickup items with group members in a Group Dungeon. So this means that group members can trade Monster Helms and Shoulders directly after picking them up whilst they remain in the Group Dungeon from which they dropped. You can only trade items with members of that group and once you exit the Dungeon the items can’t be traded at all.


Crown Store Hair Styles, Beards, Appearance

The appearance items on the Crown Store including new hair styles, beards and accessories will be in the Collections UI and can therefore be toggled on and off at will.


You can watch the full ESO Live on Twitch.

One Comment

  • Aric
    Jul 7, 2016

    Race change? I wonder how they are going to make this look logical. Is your soul going to ditch its current body and go into a body of another race and automatically know all of its passives? Or do you have to level up your new race skill line from the beginning?


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