PTS Patch 2.1.1

  No Comments   August 13, 2015

Patch 2.1.1 has been applied to the Public Test Server today (August 12). This patch was mostly fixing the problems, crashes, bugs and exploits that were found in the previous testing period. There are also a couple of tweaks to the game, the character copy for the EU servers and a couple of patch notes that were not included for the first patch.

The 2.1.1 patch notes are over here on the forums.

The template characters on the PTS were also given all of the new item sets so we now have more detailed information in our 2.1 Item Sets page. There were two new sets that we hadn’t discovered as well – the Jolting Arms set and the Brands of Imperium set which gives a large damage shield! We now know that there are the three crafted sets, two new Monster Masks, six Tel Var Stones sets (two for Light, Medium and Heavy), and 12 other sets (four for Light, Medium and Heavy) which might come from PVP rewards or the new Imperial City Group Dungeons.

Another change for the PTS is concerning Tel Var Stones. The developers want to test players only dropping 80% of their Tel Var Stones to enemy players when they die – as opposed to 100% which was first introduced. When you die to a monster or NPC you will still only lose 10% of your Stones. They also have introduced a 10% Tel Var Stone fee for using /stuck while in Imperial City to avoid possible abuse of the /stuck mechanism.

The Battle Spirit effect which reduces damage, healing and damage shields by half is now better implemented and abilities shouldn’t be penalised twice (like Funnel Health and Blazing Shield). Steadfast Ward is now properly effected by this as well. This might change combat a little and reduce the prevalence of Steadfast Ward as intended.

Oh, and a little unnoticed change – the Silver Undaunted Reward Chests have a small chance to reward players with a Superior (Blue) quality Monster Mask. At the moment only the Gold Chest can give out these as rewards and they are all Epic (Purple) in quality.

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