Update 7 Arrives For PC

  2 Comments   August 31, 2015

On August 31 at 8:00AM EDT the PC/Mac megaservers will be down for maintenance so that ZOS can apply Update 7 and the Imperial City to the live servers!

Patch 2.1.4 has been on the PTS for some time now and we all hope that most of the bugs have been fixed! In case you don’t know Update 7 is another massive patch (similar to Update 6) and includes the first DLC for ESO – the Imperial City. The Imperial City costs 2500 Crowns and you can get it as soon as the update is finished.

If you want to catch up while the patch is downloading (it will be several gigabytes) there is plenty of info to read up on from the PTS!

 The Patch Notes

 Imperial City Info

 New 2.1.4 Item Sets

 About Tel Var Stones

 New Xivkyn Style

 New Glass Style

 A PTS Report – Imperial City

 Update 7 Patch Notes Summary


  • Darlgon
    Sep 2, 2015

    Why do you call it 1.7? You will never be right unless you accept the ZoS version that you even quote: “Patch 2.1.4”

    • ESO Academy
      Sep 2, 2015

      I don’t say 1.7 I say Update 7 as it’s the seventh big update (even though the patch number is 2.1.4). Update 6 was 1.6 but then with the release of ESO:Tamriel Unlimited it changed to 2. Now that you mention it though ZOS don’t mention it as Update 7 and just use 2.1.4, so maybe I’ll just use that…


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