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Where Can You Reset / Respec Skills

You can reset your Skills at any time by going to the Skills Rededication Shrine in any Alliance capital city. This means Elden Root for Aldmeri Dominion, Mournhold for Ebonheart Pact and Wayrest for Daggerfall Covenant. You can also reset your Attribute Points near-by.

It will cost you 50 gold per Skill Point that you have assigned.

You also have the option to reset your Skill Morphs, which simply un-sets any Morphs that you have chosen.

Elden Root Shrines

Reset Respec Skills Aldmeri Dominion

Mournhold Shrines

Reset Respec Skills Shrines Mournhold

Wayrest Shrines

Reset Respec Skills Shrines Wayrest


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  • Steve
    Feb 14, 2018

    This FAQ is as good as useless for starter. You should add the provinces as without it is impossible to find for people who need the guide. If you know your way around you also know where to find the shrines…

    Elden Root Shrines in Grahtwood
    Mournhold Shrines in Deshaan
    Wayrest Shrines in Stormhaven


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