Blessed Juggernaut

Author: The_Dunlop

Blessed Juggernaut


Race: Nord

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

46,800 15,300 16,200




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Blazing Shield

Templar Skill

Blazing Shield

Sun Shield


Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Power of the Light

Templar Skill

Power of the Light



Radiant Aura

Templar Skill

Radiant Aura

Restoring Aura


Heroic Slash

One Hand And Shield Skill

Heroic Slash

Low Slash


Sturdy Horn

Assault Skill

Sturdy Horn

War Horn


Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Extended Ritual

Templar Skill

Extended Ritual

Cleansing Ritual


Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Inner Fire

Undaunted Skill

Inner Fire


Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Honor The Dead

Templar Skill

Honor The Dead

Rushed Ceremony


Practiced Incantation

Templar Skill

Practiced Incantation

Rite of Passage


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 0 7


Gear and Item Set Info


Set one: 5pc Leeching Plate

Type: Heavy, Style: Xivkyn, Bonuses: ~1164 Max HP / 4% Healing Taken / 4% Healing Taken / 8% chance when damaged to create cloud of leeching poison under the attacker for 5s, dealing ~1200 Poison damage a second and healing you for 100% of the damage done.

Explanation: This set provides a significant self-heal that scales with the amount of attackers in an area. In areas like Skyreach Catacombs, Grobull the Transmuted, or any area with multiple attackers, this set is extremely helpful. Less importantly, it looks absolutely superb (in my humble opinion).

Location: Imperial City Prison + Imperial City Prison Trophy Vault

Suggested pieces: Sword1, Sword2, Girdle, Gauntlets, Boots, Chestplate

Suggested traits: Defending (swords), sturdy (belt), sturdy or reinforced (boots/gauntlets), infused (chestplate) [Note: Defending is no longer extremely useful with the recent nerf, but it is easy to acquire with the unique sword Warden's Courage. You can use Infused if you prefer.]

Suggested Enchantments: Crushing to improve DPS, Weakening to decrease enemy damage, Hardening to add a minor damage shield to improve survivability. Maximum Health or Prismatic enchantments on armor

Set two: 3pc Endurance

Type: Weapon, Style: N/A, Bonuses: ~1500 Max HP / ~185 Stamina recovery

Explanation: This set provides a 2 and 3pc bonus that are roughly 140% as effective as the normal set bonuses. The max HP is always helpful for a tank, and the increased Stamina recovery will help with sustainability.

Location: Undaunted daily/normal dungeon rewards

Suggested pieces: Necklace, ring1, ring2

Suggested trait: Healthy

Set three: 4pc Death's Wind

Type: Heavy, Style: Xivkyn, Bonuses: ~2800 Physical Resistance / ~1164 Max HP / 1164 Max HP

Explanation: This set provides Physical Resistance to balance out the Balanced Warrior passive from the Aedric Spear line, which provides ~2600 Spell Resistance. The extra health is exactly that: extra health.

Location: Crafted (2 traits)

Suggested pieces: Shield1, Shield2, Helmet, Greaves, Pauldrons

Suggested traits: Infused (Shields/Helmet/Greaves), Reinforced/Sturdy (Pauldrons)

Suggested Enchantments: Maximum Health or Prismatic

Other sets can be substituted for these if you wish, such as monster mask 2pc bonuses or 1pc bonuses such as the Mighty Chudan or Pirate Skeleton.


General Info


This build focuses on being practically indestructible, protecting one's allies and improving allies' DPS, listed in decreasing order of importance. [Note: the image shown was taken when no buffs were applied other than food and mundus stone.]

Skill bar one: Sword and Shield (main bar)

Blazing Shield grants a large (30-36%, ~16k) damage shield. It also provides a minor amount of damage, and having the ability slotted grants a 15% increase in damage blocked from melee attacks.

Pierce Armor is the main melee taunt, and applies the debuffs Major Fracture and Breach to the enemy, increasing your and your allies' damage to the target.

Power of the Light applies Minor Fracture and Breach to the enemy, increasing damage dealt to the target. [Note: Templar Tanks are the only tank class that can apply both Major and Minor Fracture and Breach to the enemy without excessive trouble.] Also grants 3 ultimate every cast (provided the last cast was more than 6 seconds ago), and grants you and your group Minor Sorcery, increasing your spell damage by 5%.

Radiant Aura applies minor magickasteal to enemies within 28 meters, helping with group magicka sustain. It also causes the enemies to be aggro'd, and grants you 10% Health, Magicka and Stamina regeneration while slotted.

Heroic Slash slows down basic monsters, grants you extra ultimate, and decreases the target's damage done by 15%. Extremely helpful against bosses.

Sturdy Horn increases you and your group's stat pool maxes by 10% for 40 seconds, as well as granting a minor increase in damage mitigation. Best used in trials and coordinated dungeons. In public grouped dungeons, swap for Empowering Sweep.

Bar two: Sword and Shield (healing and buff bar)

Extended ritual cleanses up to 5 negative effects from you, offers a helpful synergy to your allies, and heals everyone in the area every 2 seconds. 

Resolving Vigor heals you for ~6000 - ~10000 over 5 seconds, and heals your allies for slightly less.

Inner Fire taunts enemies at range, and provides a Magicka taunt in case you run out of Stamina.

Channeled Focus grants you Major Ward and Resolve, as well as the effect of 480 additional Magicka recovery while standing in the rune and for up to 8 seconds after leaving it. It has an incredibly low cost.

Honor the Dead lets you heal yourself or an ally in need, and restores 60% of the cost over 8 seconds if the target was below 75% health.

Practiced Incantation will usually save you from death, except for in the most extreme of situations. Can also be used to supplement the healer during high-damage AoE boss phases.

Race should be Nord due to 9% increased health, 6% decreased damage taken, 20% health recovery, and 6% max Stamina. [Note: It is important to have slightly more Stamina than Magicka, as synergies such as Holy Shards restore the highest of your two resource pools.] Argonian and Imperial also work.

Attribute points should be distributed as follows: 10 Magicka, 46 health, 10 Stamina. You can switch these numbers around if needed to shore up any weaknesses you see in the build.

Mundus Stone can be Lady to max out your Resistances, Lord for extra HP, or Atronach for improved magicka sustain.

Suggested food: Purple quality tri-stat food


Champion Point Tips


The Warrior

Spell Shield: 2-3 points [Note: Evens out the overflow from Death's Wind, so physical and spell resistances are the same.]

Ironclad: 56-75 points

Hardy: 15+ points

Elemental Defender: 15+ points [Note: 30 points in The Lady grants a 1500 Resistance boost with a shield equipped.]

Bastion: 56-75 points

Quick Recovery: 0-75 points [Note: This is a useful star, but should be used only once other stars' minumum suggested amounts have been met.]

The Thief

Mooncalf: 25+ points

Healthy: 0+ points [Note: if you are a Vampire, don't bother with this star.]

Arcanist: 25+ points

Warlord: 15+ points

Shadow Ward: 56-75 points

The Mage

Blessed: 56-75 points

Physical Weapon Expert: 0+ points

Mighty: 30+ points

Master at Arms: 30+ points [Note: Master at Arms and Mighty will increase the damage, and therefore the healing, of the Leeching Plate set.]




Build Rating

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  • The_Dunlop
    Nov 8, 2017

    A few edits I’ve made to this build since I posted it:
    – Swapped Mundus to The Atronach for improved sustain
    – Swapped Health glyphs on helmet, chestplate, greaves, and shields to Prismatic
    – Reset Attribute Points to 7/50/7
    All in all, this makes the tank have slightly lower health and resistances, but much more able to actively defend itself.

    • The_Dunlop
      Mar 18, 2018

      Several additional changes:
      – Swapped 4pc Death’s Wind to 4pc Ulfnor’s Favor from Fang Lair. This greatly improves sustain.
      – Swapped enchantments to Crushing, for group damage.
      – Swapped weapon traits to Infused, for group damage.

  • The_Dunlop
    Mar 18, 2018

    An additional change:
    – Swapped Sturdy Horn to Aggressive horn.


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