Dragonknight Post-Morrowind Support

Author: Grasen


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Healer

Health, Magicka, Stamina

25k 28k + the rest 25k




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Unrelenting Grip

Dragonknight Skill

Unrelenting Grip

Fiery Grip


Efficient Purge

Support Skill

Efficient Purge



Igneous Shield

Dragonknight Skill

Igneous Shield

Obsidian Shield


Echoing Vigor

Assault Skill

Echoing Vigor



Stalwart Guard

Support Skill

Stalwart Guard



Replenishing Barrier

Support Skill

Replenishing Barrier



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Restoration Staff

Igneous Weapons

Dragonknight Skill

Igneous Weapons

Molten Weapons


Combat Prayer

Restoration Staff Skill

Combat Prayer

Blessing of Protection


Healing Ward

Restoration Staff Skill

Healing Ward

Steadfast Ward



Restoration Staff Skill




Stalwart Guard

Support Skill

Stalwart Guard



Aggressive Horn

Assault Skill

Aggressive Horn

War Horn


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
5 1 1


Gear and Item Set Info



The gear you want will change based on your level and what you have access to.

Below Level 30

Here you should pick the best armor and weapons you can find, ideally using a piece each of Heavy and Medium armor, both with Training as their trait. This will help you level those skill lines up for when you hit Champion rank

Between 30 and 50

Dungeons get harder, so you want to get item sets. Ideally, you have access to a crafter and so you can get a 5 piece Seducer set (Craftable in Deshaan/Stormhaven/Grahtwood. Requires you to have 3 traits). The other set you want is Prayer Shawl, a set you can get in Spindleclutch I or II. Both of these are extremely useful. Ideally you grind for two Prayer Shawl jewelry pieces (from Cerise the Widow Maker/Spindlekin (Spindleclutch) and/or from the final bosses). Do Alliance War as much as possible, ideally getting to rank 6 in Assault and Support (they level at the same time).

Below Champion 160

Dungeons have finally begun to reach higher difficulties. Get a set of Willow's Path (Craftable in The Rift/Bankgorai/Reaper's March. Requires 6 Traits) and try for a higher level set of Prayer Shawl, or if you feel like the challenge go for Spell Power Cure (from White Gold Tower). Don't worry about monster sets right now, your priority is to get yourself levelled to 160. Like always, go for 5 Light, 1 Medium and 1 Heavy.

 - Prayer Shawl: Helps keep your allies alive.

 - Spell Power Cure: Really helps support people.

 - Willow's Path: The regeneration of resources you could use.

At or Above Champion 160

This is when you go to get your gear to as high a quality as possible. Go for Legendary if you can, but Epic is fine until then. Get Aggressive Warhorn and Vigor as soon as possible, it is the best ultimate for you. If you can, go for Barrier too (the support tree ultimate). If you do already have it, great! Move onto what you would normally do next: running Imperial City and searching guild stores (use this: to get a full set of Powerful Assault to boost your Echoing Vigor as a stand-in until you get a full set of Roar of Alkosh.

Get Willow's Path in 3 Light Armor items, one One-handed weapon and a Shield. Grab the Troll King monster set if possible to help keep your allies alive.

 - Willow's Path (main bar): Allows you to keep your buffs on your allies up.

 - Alkosh (side bar): The best armor set for boosting damage.

 - Powerful Assault (side bar): A reasonable stand-in for Alkosh.

 - Troll King (always active): A good set for keeping allies alive after a big attack.


Other Notes

Attributes - You want to put them all into Magicka at early levels. At champion points, you want to optimize your build as much as possible. The ideal is to have 28k Health and 23k Stamina while your Food buff is active. Afterwards, put as much into Magicka as possible.

Traits - Infused on Head, Legs and Chest. Divines on Hands, Feet, Shoulders and Belt. Reinforced on Shield. Arcane on Jewelry. Powered on Weapons.

Enchantments - Use Legendary 160 cp Magicka glyphs on Armor and Shield. Magicka cost reduction on Jewelry. Stamina drain on Weapons.

Food - Increase maximum for all attributes.

Potions - Magicka regen/Spell Damage/Spell Critical

Mundus Stone - The Ritual (Increased Healing)


General Info



Unlike other MMOs, a support needs to do multiple jobs. You keep your allies alive, increase their damage, deal damage yourself and defend your allies. It's fast-paced, somewhat intense and quite fun. The goal of this build is to create someone who boosts the damage of their allies as much as possible, and keeps them alive, either by taking a load off of the tank or debuffing enemies.


 + Keep allies alive, fill the job of healer and take some of the load off of the tank.

 + Increase allies DPS so fights end faster, and thus reduce damage taken.

 + Defend allies you get caught out and keep adds off of the squishies.

 - Not much damage when alone.

 - Not as much healing power as a Sorcerer or Templar.


Why Argonian?

I explained most of it in my DK tank build here but it's because of their Resourceful passive that will essentially be boosted with the implimentation of Morrowind.

Can I play this build with x race?

Yes. However, you'll need to change a few things. For example, if you play a redguard or other stamina-centric race, you will want to focus more on Vigor. Imperials want to take even more adds and put more points into magicka. Bretons would focus on the buff-side of things.

Pretty much any race can be an effective tank, dps or healer.

What About Blood Spawn?

While the Blood Spawn monster set would increase your ultimate generation, you won't use it often enough to warrant its inclusion over something else. However, if you are playing a stamina-focused race that will do more tanking than others, it can be quite strong.

Priority Passives

Ardent Flame - (if you have extra skill points)

Draconic Power - (all)

Earthen Heart - (all)

One Hand and Shield - (if you have skill points)

Restoration Staff - (all)

Undaunted - Undaunted Mettle (or all if you have extra skill points)

Light Armor - All of them

Medium Armor - All except for Agility

Heavy Armor - All of them except for Wrath and Rapid Mending.

Extra Passive Order: One Hand & Shield > Undaunted > Ardent Flame


Champion Point Tips


Work in Progress




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  • Doomguy80
    May 10, 2017

    If you need a hand with speccing your character, have any questions or just want to meet up for a dungeon run, send a mail to @Doomguy80 on the PC North America server. also, note that most of this is theorycrafting. Once Morrowind hits I’ll try to keep this updated.


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