Imperial “Stamina” Tank (Test Build)

Author: Nyghtmare_Slaya


Race: Imperial

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

26 (Base) 5 (Base) 33 (Base)




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Coagulating Blood

Dragonknight Skill

Coagulating Blood

Dragon Blood


Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Trap Beast

Fighters Guild Skill

Trap Beast


Hardened Armor

Dragonknight Skill

Hardened Armor

Spiked Armor


Power Bash

One Hand And Shield Skill

Power Bash


Ferocious Leap

Dragonknight Skill

Ferocious Leap

Dragon Leap


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Two Handed

Obsidian Shield

Dragonknight Skill

Obsidian Shield


Molten Weapons

Dragonknight Skill

Molten Weapons



Dragonknight Skill





Dragonknight Skill



Igneous Shield

Dragonknight Skill

Igneous Shield

Obsidian Shield


Magma Shell

Dragonknight Skill

Magma Shell

Magma Armor


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


The setup gear for this build may be altered by preference of its user. However, as shown below is my exact settings and selections:


Set #1 (My Build):

HEAD - Mighty Chudan (Monster Set)

SHOULDERS - Mighty Chudan (Monster Set)

CHEST - Armor Master

ARMS - Armor Master

WAIST - Armor Master

LEGS - Armor Master

FEET - Armor Master 


*** Wearing 5 pieces of the Armor Master set will give you a Buff that increases your Max Health Health while you have an Armor Active Ability slotted. For me I don't, however I do have all of the Heavy Armor skill unlocked and maxed out, so this grant's me the initial access regardless. Although, with a slotted ability my percentages will increase.


*** Major Resolve (Dragonknight Skill Ability)

Increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by 5948. [The numbers may vary upon your ou own build]


*** Major Prophecy (Dragonknight Skill Ability)

Increases your Spell Critical rating by 2629, increasing your Spell Critical chances by 12%. [The numbers may vary upon your own build]


Set #2 (Optional Build):

HEAD - Thurvokun (Monster Set)

SHOULDERS - Thurvokun (Monster Set)

CHEST - Leeching Plate / Footman's Fortune 

ARMS - Leeching Plate / Footman's Fortune

WAIST - Leeching Plate / Footman's Fortune

LEGS - Leeching Plate / Footman's Fortune

FEET - Leeching Plate / Footman's Fortune 



For both builds, I still use the same as listed below:

Necklace - Footman's Fortune / The Endurance Set 

Rings - Footman's Fortune / The Endurance Set


*** All of my gear is in Purple, except my Monster Helms which are all Gold!


*** All gear can be easily obtained as the Armor Master can be crafted or found in Guild Traders. The Footman's Fortune can be found from Dragonstar Arena or found in Guild Traders. The Leeching Plate set can be found in Imperial City Prison or found at Guild Traders.  The Endurance Set can be obtained from Imperial City or also found in Guild Traders. They can be fairly earned or bought for cheap piece by piece.


*** I presented more the one set in some instances as I own them all listed, and I tried them together and separately so whichever ones you prefer to aim for is strictly up to you and you may piece them together as need. 


General Info


I don't often require too many various selections of food Buffs because for this build any simple Tri-Stat meal will do just fine so I took the liberty of listing my slotted ones below:


Food / Drinks:

Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce (Guild Traders)

Crown Fortifying Meal (Daily Rewards / Crown Store)

Bewitched Sugar Skulls (Witches Festival / Guild Traders)

Witchmother's Potent Brew (Witches Festival / Guild Traders)



When it comes to Poison attachments, I'm not preferably picky here, so I use the generic bases and sometimes I craft my own. However, any string damaging poison will do just fine as you're here to mainly Taunt and Hit every so often. Should you feel the urge to DPS the boss, well you'll burn through your poisons faster.



Crown Lethal Poison (Daily Rewards / Crown Store)




If you built this build correctly or as close to mines as possible then your outcome in stats should read as follows:


Maximum Magicka - Front & Back [11,000+]

Maximum Health - Front [32,200+] / Back [30,100+]

Maximum Stamina - Front & Back [18,200+]

Spell Resistance - Front [31,000+] /Back [27,900+]

Physical Resistance - Front [27,000+] / Back [24,200+]


Champion Point Tips


At the moment I'm Champion level 465, so my  current Champion Points aren't exactly on a 810 scale, so I'll give it you raw exactly as it's set up. This isnt to say you can't ADD or DEDUCT points upon preference, however where I slotted my points work tremendously for this build after weeks of testing and research.



Warlord [20] (Probably not as important to most gamers to go above 20 points if even that much)

Arcanist [11]

Mooncalf [32]

Healthy [27]

Tenacity [0]  (You'll want to slot points here if you do ALOT of Fully-Charged Heavy Attacks)

Shadow Ward [61]



Ironclad [37]

Spell Shield [4]

Hardy [27]

Elemental Defender [27]

Thick Skinned [21]

Heavy Armor Focus [8]

Quick Recovery [27]

Bastion [2]



Elemental Expert [32] 

Spell Erosion [27] (Not as necessary for most Tanks)

Staff Expert [9] (Sometimes I Switch my Two-Hand Weapon to a Destructive Staff)

Master At Arms [18] (Not necessary unless you're doing DPS Tanking)

Physical Weapons Expert [3] (Not necessary unless you're doing DPS Tanking)

Thaumaturge [28] 

Piercing [35] (Not necessary, unless you're doing DPS Tanking)


Again, these are my currently slotted Champion Points and you may choose to test them for yourself or tweak a few differences.


My chosen Mundus Stones are:

The Atronach (Magicka Recovery Boost)

The Lord (Maximum Health)




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