The Knife Master PVP

Author: RyeDogRazmatazz


Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

23k 10k 32k




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Shrouded Daggers

Dual Wield Skill

Shrouded Daggers

Hidden Blade



Nightblade Skill


Teleport Strike


Lightweight Beast Trap

Fighters Guild Skill

Lightweight Beast Trap

Trap Beast



Medium Armor Skill




Camouflaged Hunter

Fighters Guild Skill

Camouflaged Hunter

Expert Hunter


Thrive in Chaos

Dual Wield Skill

Thrive in Chaos



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Dual Wield

Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Retreating Maneuver

Assault Skill

Retreating Maneuver

Rapid Maneuver


Steel Tornado

Dual Wield Skill

Steel Tornado



Reaper's Mark

Nightblade Skill

Reaper's Mark

Mark Target


Relentless Focus

Nightblade Skill

Relentless Focus

Grim Focus


Replenishing Barrier

Support Skill

Replenishing Barrier



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 5 1


Gear and Item Set Info


2 Mighty Chudan Heavy Head Light Shoulders: Divines.

5 Sword Dancer: Divines (Impen in non-cp pvp).

All armor with Stam Glyphs.

5 Leviathan: Jewellery all Infused Stam Recovery. Daggers: Precise.

Back Bar: 2 Perfected Asylum Daggers.

Shadow Mundus

Dubious Camoran Throne Food (or next best)


General Info


The idea is to buff up and then throw out your trap. Switch to main bar and pick a target and open with Shrouded Daggers followed by Ambush, Light attack and weave between Light Attacks and Shrouded Daggers. Use Thrives in Chaos when the opportunity best presents itself. Try and hit as many players as possible for the damage boost. Try keep a mental note of how long is left on on the DoT from your ult and switch bars and hit affected enemies with Steel Tornado to prolong the effects of your ult by a further 10 seconds. Shuffle is to deal with pesky snares and immobilizations and is cheaper than dodge rolling and is best way to deal with skills such as Permafrost and other skills that snare heavily.

This is a high crit build and as such your healing will be very good both on yourself and allies.

Contrary to popular belief Crit builds are very viable but you have to commit and the rewards will pay off. Less so in non-cp but this build is devastating to enemy players that like to stack and will force them to seperate allowing your single target orientated allies to pick off stragglers.

Generally a lot of players tend to go all impen and this offers about 27% reduced crit damage and yet with this build your crit damage is gonna be around 105% with below CP investment. So unless the enemy players have 100 points into Resistant and are wearing all Impen you can be hitting on crit for an extra 77% damage in cp games. I have listed full stats below.

You can drop Shrouded Daggers for Rapid Strikes or Bloodthirst but you will lose out on Major Brutality.


Champion Point Tips


The Lady: Hardy 35, Elemental Defender 35.

The Steed: Medium Armor Focus 100, Resistant 100 (In non cp wear all impen and put 100 into Spell Shield instead).

The Ritual: Precise Strikes 100, Piercing 100.

The Atronach: Master-At-Arms 70 (You may put 75 in here for Butcher bonus if you wish).

The Shadow: Tumbling 100.

The Lover: Mooncalf 100.

The Tower: Warlord: 70.


Stats with all gold gear and glyphs:

Health R: 367

Mag R: 611

Stam R: 2446

Weapon Damage: 2511

Weapon Crit: 75.7%

Weapon Crit Damage: 105%

Weapon Crit Healing: 95%

Spell Resistance: 20179 (30%)

Physical Resistance 25096 (38%)

Crit Resistance 1650 (25%)

Tooltip Damage Buffed with Minor Berserk and Major Brutality.

Shrouded Dagger: 7281

Ambush: 5309

Trap: 3825 + 8643

Thrives in Chaos: 22664

Remember in PVP your enemy recieves 50% less damage from all sources, however with 80% extra crit damage vs all impen you will be a force to be reckoned with except against very tanky players.

On a final note you do not need to use Steel Tornado as an execute unless against a very large group or vs a solo player as your  2nd and 3rd bounce on your Shrouded Daggers actually deals more damage anyway. With crafty play and positioning you can control your bounces. 

Strengths: Good vs Groups, quite tanky for a medium armor set up. Good heals. Consistent high damage pressure, hard to pin down with good escape tools. 

Weaknesses: Not optimal vs solo players, struggles vs shields, gank builds, requires good management of stamina. 





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  • Fixtobee
    Apr 11, 2019

    This is a great build in theory. The issue is that Lacerate and morphs are purgable. This really hurts your build. However if you were to change Dancer set to Automaton and switch your ult out for Dawnbreaker of Smiting. This would be a solid build. It would also allow you to swap ambush for killlers blade if you wish. But I suppose in BG if the enemy does not have a Templar this could be effective in capture and control matches.


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