The Ninja (Summerset Patch)

Author: MindOfTheSwarm


Race: Imperial

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

18243 26685 25494




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Concealed Weapon

Nightblade Skill

Concealed Weapon

Veiled Strike


Twisting Path

Nightblade Skill

Twisting Path

Path of Darkness


Merciless Resolve

Nightblade Skill

Merciless Resolve

Grim Focus


Camouflaged Hunter

Fighters Guild Skill

Camouflaged Hunter

Expert Hunter


Inner Light

Mages Guild Skill

Inner Light



Soul Tether

Nightblade Skill

Soul Tether

Soul Shred


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Dual Wield

Anti-Cavalry Caltrops

Assault Skill

Anti-Cavalry Caltrops



Dark Shades

Nightblade Skill

Dark Shades

Summon Shade


Sap Essence

Nightblade Skill

Sap Essence

Drain Power


Piercing Mark

Nightblade Skill

Piercing Mark

Mark Target


Channeled Acceleration

Psijic Order Skill

Channeled Acceleration



Soul Harvest

Nightblade Skill

Soul Harvest

Death Stroke


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
5 2 0


Gear and Item Set Info


All Gear and Glyphs are Legendary Quality.

Attributes: 32 Stam, 32 Magicka

2 Medium Molag Kena - Max Magicka Enchant - Divines

5 Light Mother's Sorrow - Max Magicka Enchant - Divines

4 Leviathan Swords - Weapon/Spell Damage Enchant - Precise

3 Leviathan Jewellery - Necklace Magicka Regen Enchant / Rings Stamina Recovery Enchant - All Robust

Lover Mundus


Full Stats, Fully Buffed with Food (Including Molag Kena and Weapon Enchantment Proc):

Health: 18243

Magicka: 25494

Stamina: 27731

Health Recovery: 355

Magicka Recovery: 1038

Stamina Recovery: 1175

Spell Damage: 3024

Weapon Damage: 3198

Spell Critical: 69.4%

Weapon Critical: 62.4%

Spell Critical Damage: 95% (Warhorn pushes this to 110%)

Weapon Critical Damage: 95% (Warhorn pushes this to 110%)

Spell Resistance: 15569 (23%)

Physical Resistance: 13754 (21%)

Critical Resistance: 0 (0%)

Spell Penetration: 14350

Physical Penetration: 13426

Important Note: You can also run The Shadow or Thief. But both will deal less damage overall when in a 4 man group running a dungeon or DSA. However if purely solo campaign, then Thief is your best option. For PVP I would stick with The Lover.


General Info


This is mainly a questing for funsies build but the stats you can pull are pretty amazing for a unique build, as such you can take it into Normal and Vet non DLC dungeons. Normal Trials should be fine too, but stay away from top end game content. Not effective in PVP but can be fun in a group, just drop Camo Hunter for Cloak.

Basically the skill layout should be pretty self explanatory but to clarify. Buff with Acceleration followed by Piercing Mark then use Sap Essence for the buffs. 2 Light attacks for Kena. Throw down your Shade and Caltrops and switch bars. Merciless Resolve, Twisting Path and then throw in 4 Concealed Weapons and fire off your Spectral Bow. Don't forget to weave light attacks. You will be killing mainly on the front bar so Soul Harvest will help you build ultimate and then use Soul Tether for your ultimate. Molag Kena can be taxing on resources so you will need to use heavies when low on Magicka.

I use Capon Tomato Beef Casserole as my food choice as this buffs both Max Magicka and Max Stamina, making this food or similar food necessary for this build.

If you can't afford or craft, then grab a Cyrodilic Treat. They are cheap and easy to get and it is ok for a solo questing and non dlc dungeon character.



Champion Point Tips


CP Allocation:

The Lady:

Thick Skinned: 50

Hardy: 75

Elemental Defender: 75

The Lord:

Quick Recovery: 50

The Ritual:

Precise Strikes: 100

Piercing: 50

The Apprentice:

Elfborn: 100

The Shadow:

Tumbling: 50

The Lover:

Mooncalf: 100

Arcanist: 100




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  • MindOfTheSwarm
    Jul 17, 2018

    * Made an error in skill slots. Tether and Harvest ults should be on opposite bars.

  • MindOfTheSwarm
    Jul 17, 2018

    DPS Test on Dummy: (26365) only did it once and this is WITHOUT ultimate use.

    *PS Soul Harvest deals more immediate damage but Soul Tether deal more over time, also there are other ult options such a Shadow Ult or Meteor for more damage. Ice Comet will be best for damage if fighting a stationary target.

  • Alex
    Apr 28, 2019

    Could a khajiit work too


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