Author: WeediestHook


Race: Imperial

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

16k 10k 64 points - 39k




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Venomous Claw

Dragonknight Skill

Venomous Claw

Searing Strike


Rearming Trap

Fighters Guild Skill

Rearming Trap

Trap Beast


Blood Craze

Dual Wield Skill

Blood Craze

Twin Slashes



Dual Wield Skill




Flames of Oblivion

Dragonknight Skill

Flames of Oblivion



Flawless Dawnbreaker

Fighters Guild Skill

Flawless Dawnbreaker



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Bow

Molten Armaments

Dragonknight Skill

Molten Armaments

Molten Weapons


Endless Hail

Bow Skill

Endless Hail



Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Poison Injection

Bow Skill

Poison Injection

Poison Arrow


Razor Caltrops

Assault Skill

Razor Caltrops



Standard of Might

Dragonknight Skill

Standard of Might

Dragonknight Standard


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 5 1


Gear and Item Set Info


Back bar bow

Red mountain bow sharpened

front bar

axe red Mountain infused weapon dmg enchanted 

dagger red mountain nirnhoned poison enchanted 

head valkyn skoria

shoulder valkyn

chest  hundings rage

waist hundings

hands hundings

legs hundings

feet hundings

All divines stam enchant

Neck red mountain 

ring red mountain 

ring red Mountain 

all weapon dmg glyph


red mountain set

this set is insanely strong giving a proc that has a low cooldown, procs often and dealing a ton of dmg. What’s not to love? Also it gives us great middle stats

hundings rage

this set is great for new players, it gives you all the benefits you need to help in ALL situations. There’s no chance proc so you’re just getting great stats.

valkyn skoria

this is a fun set! Dots (dmg over time) proc a huge fireball that deals lots of dmg. This is amazing as we have 8 DOTS. 

If you don’t have gear

i wouldn’t go for gear until cp 160 so in the meantime take gear of random normal dungeons. The gear is open world so you don’t need to farm a dungeon. You can get valkyn shoulders by running normals dungeons for keys. And the head in vcoa2. I know this is scary, (I suggest running my simple tank build) but you can run kra’ghs from fungal 1. Really easy dungeon  or two pieces of gear.



General Info


We are using warrior Mundus stone for that weapon dmg. 


i suggest a stage 4 vampire for some amazing passive that are great for this build. I’m not gonna talk about fire and all that stuff because I covered it in simple tank build. If you want a full description go there.

key skills

razor caltrops

i know this skill takes forever but if you need a replacement use noxious breath in the meantime. I suggest run battlegrounds, go in, die, repeat and in two hours you get caltrops and Vigor! Yes, it only took me around two hours to get it.

flawless dawnbreaker

this skill is very easy to get. Once you reach around lvl 20 or earlier start running normal dungeons to level up. Not only do you get better gear, and skill points but you’re gonna be stacking fighters guild Like hell and I got lvl 10 at lvl 49 and I started running at lvl 20. Figures.

standard of might

this ability is awesome. Not only do you get resources back but you takes 15% less dmg and deal 15% MORE dmg. Plus you put a pretty good dot on the enemy that can proc valkyn. 

You can also swap standard for corrovise armour, an ability that makes you take 3% of all dmg. Great protection in tough sections and will save you from any dmg.


use health and stam food for max sustain. 


weapon pots for the boost in dmg is essential which boost your weapon to about 4.5k


if you don’t have imperial then use khajit or redguard but imperial increases your health and stamina and gives you a heal. The health boost is what makes this build extremely tanky. 


before fight buff molten flames of oblivion 

after casting flames, trap, ws (weapon swap) hail, la (light attack) injection, la, caltrops, ws, ha (heavey) claw, ha, blood craze, la, bloodthirst x2, la, flames of oblivion, trap, swap, repeat

only use molten every 2nd rotation as you’re gonna waste stam. No light between the two bloodthirst. And you can swap caltrops for noxious if you don’t have it. 


Champion Point Tips


Blue tree

19 physical weapons

56 master at arms

64 mighty

40 theumatage

35 piercing 

26 precise strikes

Green tree

75 tenacity

75 Mooncalf 

16 warlord 

72 tumbling

2 shadow ward

red tree

11 quick recovery 

75 hardy

75 elemental defender

51 thick skinned

28 ironclad 





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