The Survivor

Author: Chewyfoam


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

34k (50) 11k (0) 15K (14)




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Deep Slash

One Hand And Shield Skill

Deep Slash

Low Slash


Shielded Assault

One Hand And Shield Skill

Shielded Assault

Shield Charge


Dark Cloak

Nightblade Skill

Dark Cloak

Shadow Cloak


Bone Surge

Undaunted Skill

Bone Surge

Bone Shield


Devouring Swarm

Vampire Skill

Devouring Swarm

Bat Swarm


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Dual Wield

Blood Craze

Dual Wield Skill

Blood Craze

Twin Slashes


Echoing Vigor

Assault Skill

Echoing Vigor




Dual Wield Skill





Nightblade Skill




Whirling Blades

Dual Wield Skill

Whirling Blades



Flawless Dawnbreaker

Fighters Guild Skill

Flawless Dawnbreaker



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


5 part Ebon Armory, 5 part Battalion Defender. monster sets, slimecraw for more damage, mighty chudans for more defence

head - (L/M) slimecraw - max stam - divines/invigorating

                   chudan - max health - sturdy/reinforced

shoulder - (L/M)  slimecraw - max stam - divines/invigorating

                          chudan - max health - sturdy/reinforced


chest - (H) max health - sturdy

waist - (H) max health - reinforced

hands - (H) max stam - sturdy

legs - (H) max health - infused

feet - (H) max health - sturdy

neck - weapon damage - healthy

ring - stam recov - healthy

ring - stam recov - healthy

bar 1:

weapon - weakening - decisive

shield - max stam - infused

bar 2:

weapon - life drain - decisive

weapon - life drain - decisive



General Info


food - longfin pasty with melon sauce (any tri stat)

potions - tri-stat (can use stam pots for extra damage during trash or easy fights, i never bother)

mundus - the serpent (swap as prefered, i like stam recov)


with food  buff, sit at 40k health, 16k magicka and 20 stamina.

without skill buffs have 21k spell resist, just under 21k physical resist and 1k crit resist


if you want more defensive ultimates for bar 2, i use veil of blades or soul siphon.

for extra defensive skills  swap bar 2 skills for invigorating drain and funnel health for a healing, mist form and circle of protection for damage reduction.



assassination - all

shadow - all

siphoning - all

one hand and shield - all

dual wield - all

light armor -  evocation

medium armor - dexterity and wind walker

heacy armor - all

soul magic - all

 vampire - all

fighters guild - banish the wicked slayer (if using dwnbreaker ultimate)

undaunted - all

argonian - all

alchemy - medicinal use

provisioning - gourmand




Champion Point Tips



spell shield -10

resistant - 39

hardy, elemental defender, quick recovery to 10%

heavy armor focus to 1k

invest the rest in bastion


warlord, tenacity, mooncalf, shadow ward, tumbling - 10% 

can get arcanist and healthy to 10% if you wish but if not invest into mooncalf and tenacity


blessed, elfborn, master at arms, physical weapon expert, precise strikes and mighty to 10%

piercing -1k

after that get thaurmaturge and shattering blows to 10% and invest where you lilke




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  • Chewyfoam
    Feb 10, 2020

    If running chudan or the lady mundus for extra defensive, ive found mist form from vamp skill line, a better option than mirage

  • daryl
    Aug 23, 2020

    Crit resistance is only useful in PVP. Enemies in PVE cant hit crits, so can put those champion points elsewhere if wanted unless you are running this on PVP also.


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