Imperial City And Update 7 On The PTS

  No Comments   July 28, 2015

The Public Test Server will beĀ open once more with Update 7 and the Imperial City. The PTS is available to all PC/ Mac players on the NA and EU servers and will be patched tonight (July 28) at 10AM EDT.

The purpose of the PTS is to help ZOS test out the new systems and finalize some decisions before launch of Update 7 in August/September of this year. Any progress that you make on the PTS will be wiped at the end of the testing period.

To access the PTS open the Launcher, go to Settings and tick the box called “Show Public Test Environment”. This will allow your Launcher to download the PTS. This is a large download – the same size or larger than the actual game client – so be prepared for that.

The PTS is also going to give us all a huge insight into some of the new mechanics, items and sets which are destined for the live servers in August/September. ESO Academy will be gathering information about the new Imperial City Item Sets, Xivkyn Style, Imperial City Bosses and also the new Glass Style.

There is probably going to be a flood of new information as 50 pages of patch notes are also going to be released when Update 7 hits the PTS.

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