Update 12 (One Tamriel) Goes Live For PC/Mac

  No Comments   October 6, 2016

Update 12, the big free patch which includes One Tamriel, is now live for PC/Mac. Update 12 goes live for XBox and PS4 on October 18.

The size of the patch is roughly 2.4GB.

Patch Notes

Character and Gear Progression in One Tamriel

How to Get Item Sets in Update 12

Big Patch Notes

These are some of the major changes you’ll notice.

  • One Tamriel changes the way Levels work and removes the separation of Alliances in PVE.
  • Craglorn is now solo-friendly.
  • Normal and Veteran modes have been added for all 4-player Group Dungeons.
  • The Undaunted Pledge system has been re-designed.
  • There are lots of item sets changes and there are new ways to obtain non-crafted sets.
  • 1v1 player dueling has been added to ESO!
  • Weapon Ultimates have been added to ESO!
  • 16 new Monster Masks.
  • Champion Cap is raised by 30CP.
  • PVP: You can now revive at Outposts. Towers no long have doors. Rams do double damage.

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