Mushroom Bunker

Author: Arbit


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Healer

Health, Magicka, Stamina

32 32 N/A




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Restoration Staff

Enchanted Growth

Warden Skill

Enchanted Growth

Fungal Growth


Budding Seeds

Warden Skill

Budding Seeds

Healing Seed


Combat Prayer

Restoration Staff Skill

Combat Prayer

Blessing of Protection


Blue Betty

Warden Skill

Blue Betty

Betty Netch


Expansive Frost Cloak

Warden Skill

Expansive Frost Cloak

Frost Cloak


Healing Thicket

Warden Skill

Healing Thicket

Secluded Grove


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Destruction Staff

Elemental Susceptibility

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Susceptibility

Weakness to Elements


Charging Maneuver

Assault Skill

Charging Maneuver

Rapid Maneuver


Elemental Blockade

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Blockade

Wall of Elements


Lotus Blossom

Warden Skill

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Flower


Mystic Orb

Undaunted Skill

Mystic Orb

Necrotic Orb


Sturdy Horn

Assault Skill

Sturdy Horn

War Horn


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
2 0 5


Gear and Item Set Info



This is meant as a bunker healer, meaning that you will be a very tanky healer if you follow these guidlines. It's not meant as peak performance, but I will indicate through this build what would be a better choice in skills and gear if what is shown is not most optimal. 

Being tanky will let you focus more on healing your allies, and keep you from getting 1 shot by most skills. This bunker build will get you at around 26k base physical resistance, but 31k after major warding. You will be 


Tanky gear set:

5 - Seducer set

(1 Healing staff, and lightning staff should both be part of seducer set. I use defending since the defense you get from this is enormous, but powered is nice too.

4 Heavy armor seducer set all divines. having the seducer set, compensates for wearing heavy armor.

1 Heavy monster set piece. I choose might chudan for even more armor, but troll king is also a good choice for +2% healing.)


2 - Worm Cult set

( Try and gather 2 divine pieces of worm cult set, and 3 pieces of jewelry)


More Optimal/NonBunker Choice:

5 Spell Power Cure - 

(1 Healing staff and lightning staff if possible, if rng is not kind to you, then have a regular healing staff and 5 pieces of SPC armor

4 light SPC armor.)


2 Worm Cult -

(Same as tanky set. 2 light armor pieces, and jewelry)



Mundus Stone:

The Ritual will power up your heals to 14~15% if you are using divines gear. 

The atronach is also another viable choice, for more magicka regen.


General Info


Skill Choice:

Enchanted growth - Is your emergency heal and a 10% regen buff. You'll need to stay a certain distance away from your group to make sure you can keep them all in your cone aoe.

Budding Seeds -  This is your main big heal. Keep this layed out as much as possible and activate it when anyone takes damage. It can be used in quick succession from cast to ignition. It is a cheaper heal than enchanted growth, so make sure to use this one over, spamming enchanted growth.

Combat Prayer - Is a nice buff for your group, giving them minor berserk. Make sure to try and keep your dps with this buff as much as possible during fights.

Blue Betty - This skill is great for the passive as well as the skill itself. Just for having it on your bar you get 12% regen. The skill itself also regenerates mana when used, and increases the potency of your heals.

Expansive Frost Cloak - This skill is a great support, and will further increase your own armor. The passive will increase your own armor by 500 for just having it, and the skill itself will apply ~5000 armor and spell resistance to you and your party within a very large range.

Healing Thicket - Is a very strong heal. The other morph could allow you to spam it, since its a very cheap skill to begin with.


Elemental Susceptability - Apply it at the beginning of a battle, and forget about it. The other morph is a better choice, since it also applies minor magicka steal, but you need to consistently reapply it during battle, so this morph is lower maintenance.

Rapid Maneuver -  A nice buff for when out of combat, or special situations. example: zalneur spice.

Elemental Blockade - Any enemies ontop of elemental blockade can be set off balance, giving your party 10% damage buff for high cp members.

Lotus Blossom - Gives you 10% critical chance for 20 seconds, which is nice for critical heals. Could swap places on your bars with expansive frost cloak if you want the extra 2% heal over 500 resistance.

Mystic Orbs - Great skill for giving magicka back to your group.

Sturdy Horn -  A very nice buff you can give to your group. If you're not using your other ultimate much, feel free to apply this buff to your group regularly.


Play style:

There are a lot of skills on this list that are more or less "if you have time", with a good group, you can utilize a lot more of what your build has to offer. If you're chasing down people just to heal them, then you may not get to apply a lot of buffs and what not.


Apply elemental susceptability at the start of battle, then forget about it, unless theres a period where the boss isnt attacked. Keep yourself a distance away from the group so your enchanted growth has a larger aoe, as the aoe is narrow the closer it is to you. Throw down budding seeds even when people dont need to be healed as you can activate it as soon as anyone does take damage. Apply frost cloak and make sure fungal growth buff is on 100% of the time if you can help it, and apply combat prayer whenever you can. Make sure to do some heavy attacks for keeping magicka topped, and applying 3 seconds of major mending.

If you have time, you can throw out mystic orbs for your mages, throw down elemental blockade on the enemies, or apply lotus blossom for more crit heals.


Champion Point Tips


Invest Warrior points into:

Hardy, Elemental Defender, and Heavy Armor Focus.

(If you choose to use SPC, then choose Light Armor Focus.)


Invest Thief points into:

Warlord, Arcanist, and Tenacity.


Invest Mage points into:

Blessed, and Elfborn.




Build Rating

Rating: 4.6. From 10 votes.
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  • Water-Amethyst
    Aug 4, 2017

    Love your build Arbit! From Lvl 20, now lvl 42 I’ve been using 4 x pieces Seducer Heavy Armour and both staffs Seducer, had to compensate for the rest crafting 2 x Light, 1 x Heavy Song of Lamae armour which gives physical and spell resistance. I haven’t died yet!! Thanks heaps for this awesome build! 🙂

    • Arbit
      Aug 15, 2017

      I’m glad to see someone enjoying it ^^


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