Templar Reflect Tank

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Race: Altmer (High Elf)

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

30,000 - 32,000 Rest Magicka 18,000




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Purifying Light

Templar Skill

Purifying Light



Blazing Shield

Templar Skill

Blazing Shield

Sun Shield



Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Absorb Magic

One Hand And Shield Skill

Absorb Magic

Defensive Posture


Aggressive Horn

Assault Skill

Aggressive Horn

War Horn


Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Ritual of Retribution

Templar Skill

Ritual of Retribution

Cleansing Ritual


Honor The Dead

Templar Skill

Honor The Dead

Rushed Ceremony



Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Inner Light

Mages Guild Skill

Inner Light



Ice Comet

Mages Guild Skill

Ice Comet



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 0 7


Gear and Item Set Info


I run 7 heavy for Health increase, damage reduc, and the sets I use; 2 light and 5 heavy work as well if you're having trouble sustaining youself in fights (set flex set).


2 pc Engine Guardian: most don't like this set as you can't Repent the dwarven sphere, but that extra magic or stam can be clutch in harder Vet dungeons. Other options could be BloodSpawn for more Ult Gain, but the proc chance is a little too low for my liking.

5 pc Akaviri Dragonguard (FLEX SET): magic regen, extra health, healing increase, and ulti reduction. Whats not to love? This is the flex set tho. Use to run Hist Bark until nerf to evasion. Other choices I would swap with are Twilights Embrace and Bahrahas Curse as you can run 2 light 5 heavy set.

5 pc Ebon Armory: extra healing and extra health not just for you but up to 12 others in your group. The extra 1k health is not just great for Trials but also Dungeons for those DPS or healers running risky 16k Health builds. 


Head - Infused - Prismatic

Shoulder - Sturdy - Flex*

Chest - Infused - Prismatic

Hands - Sturdy - Flex*

Belt - Sturdy - Flex*

Legs - Infused - Prismatic

Boots - Sturdy - Flex*

Sword 1 - Defending - Crushing

Shield 1 - Infused - Prismatic

Sword 2 - Defneding - Absorb Health

Shield 2 - Infused - Prismatic

Necklace** - Robust - Magicka Regen

Ring 1** - Robust - Magicka Regen

Ring 2** - Robust - Magicka Regen


* What you enchant here is up to you. Make sure you hit 30K HP; you can go over if you need some time getting adjusted to the build. Anything over 32K HP is just overkill. 18K stam is enough to get us through a crap ton of damage. Dump the rest into Magicka; try to hit for 20 - 22K magicka.

** I ususally use Ebon Jewelry that comes in Robust - Healthy and swap out glyph for magicka regen


General Info



Beefy AF

High self-sustain

Healing and Tanking (your healers will love you)



Little to non CC

Low Mobility

Low Damage



I run Vet 150-160 purple food. We need health, stam, and magicka so this helps us hit our threshold stats.


-BAR 1- Offense

Pierce Armor: No brainer, taunt, reduced target armor, and decent damage for roughly 1.7k stam. Don't good to spam happy as we need some stam for blocking.


Purifying Light (flex): Just started using this skill as a tank but always loved it. Enemies take stored up damage from eryone AND AoE HoT around the target (which you will be around). Works great in conjuction with skills on bar 2; we will get there soon. Flex skill: Heroric Slash, extra ulti gain, slows target, and reduce damage target does. Tried and true, but I feel its a waste of stam. Try both skills and see which works out better for you.


Blazing Shield: Our bread and butter. Blocks damage and then returns it back to the enemies. Make sure this is up at all times, and try to cast near 3+ enemies for extra sheild strength and damage.


Repentance: Health and stam regain for us at 0 cost! Just need to kill a few enemies. Two notes here: 1, this gives stam and health for you AND others near you so try to cast this near your group members and 2, if you have a healer or stamplar in your group with this ability, let THEM use it. This ability scales off your max magicka or stamina stat, meaning group members can heal and restore more stamina than you.


Absorb Magic: This skill is rarely used. I slot this for the damage mitigation and reduce block cost. If you know a boss is about to cast a devistating projectile, pop this to reduce the damage done.


Aggressive Horn (flex): 30 second buff to all stats and 8 crit damage increase. Insane damage increase for your DPS. Flex with Empowering Sweep if there are too many adds causing  you trouble.


-BAR 2- Defense and Buffs

Channeled Focus: Great physical and magical resistance buff, magicka back to you, and reduced cost. The other morph of this skill is also extremely good. Play and test which works better for you.


Ritual of Retribution: Remove 2 debuffs from you, 2 from allies with synergy, HoT and DoT. Only downside is the duration. Other morph lasts 15 seconds and times up with Channeled Focus for recast but is not as useful in PVE. Switch to Exteneded for PVP


Honor the Dead: Saving grace spell. Your healer should be running BoL and other heals, but sometimes they need help. This saves teammates when in trouble and returns a large chunk of magicka back to you so you can keep up cast your spells.


Repentence (flex): Same notes as before. Some might see this as a waste of a skill slot. If I had to choose another skill, it would probably be Inner Rage for a ranged taunt, but I've never had trouble taunting the enemy I needed.


Inner Light: Increased max Magicka, Spell Crit rating. Make sure to take Might of the Guild passive for 20% damage increase on next attack. Well talk about this next.


Ice Comet: Time for Combo City. This ult has insane damage, but we're gonna take it a step further. When you have enough ulti (which should be around 160 with Dragonguard and Templar Passive), start on bar 1, cast Purifying Light, swap to bar 2, cast Inner Light for that Empower buff, then Ice Comet. What you'll get is 20k-30k damage within a few seconds. This combo is also great with Dawnbreak of Smithing when fighting Deadra and undead.



I run a High Elf. Other races I would recommend are Breton, Argonian, or Imperial.

Mundus: The Atronach for magicka regen.


Champion Point Tips


These are just guidelines for CP. You might need to tweak this based on your race.


73 Elemental Defender

11 Thick Skinned

73 Hardy

43 Bastion



100 Blessed

73 Elfborn

27 Elemental Expert



90 Magician

35 Arcanist

75 Shadow Ward




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