Blade of Malacath

Author: Kuroyuki Sora


Race: Orc

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

26~27k 12k~ 35k~




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Blood Craze

Dual Wield Skill

Blood Craze

Twin Slashes


Flying Blade

Dual Wield Skill

Flying Blade

Hidden Blade


Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Surprise Attack

Nightblade Skill

Surprise Attack

Veiled Strike


Quick Cloak

Dual Wield Skill

Quick Cloak

Blade Cloak


Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Fighters Guild Skill

Dawnbreaker of Smiting



Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Reverberating Bash

One Hand And Shield Skill

Reverberating Bash

Power Bash


Relentless Focus

Nightblade Skill

Relentless Focus

Grim Focus


Leeching Strikes

Nightblade Skill

Leeching Strikes

Siphoning Strikes


Dark Cloak

Nightblade Skill

Dark Cloak

Shadow Cloak


Elusive Mist

Vampire Skill

Elusive Mist

Mist Form


Spell Wall

One Hand And Shield Skill

Spell Wall

Shield Wall


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


Food - Arteum Takeaway Broth


Ravaging chest, legs, feet

Troll king 2 pc Heavy

Shacklebreaker waist light, hands medium

All stamina glyphs, tri glyphs on big pieces is also acceptable 



Ravaging Daggers, 1 infused 1 nirnhoned. (Daggers to assist our crit, axes would work well for duels) Infused weapon damage glyph, siphon stamina glyph

Draugr Heritage Sword and board, 1h powered, shield infused with health enchant.  Siphon stamina poisons 


3 Shacklebreaker, robust, weapon damage glyphs

(If you can't afford purple or better crafted jewelry you can craft heavy Shackle breaker armor and trait change ravaging jewelry to robust)


Other good sets


-7th legion




General Info




This build has very very potent healing, especially on our back bar. Leeching strikes activates our siphoning passive for added healingm powered 1h adds more as well, and so does our draugr heritage 2 piece. With the 8% from heavy armor, and 5% from orc passives, and the 2%from troll king, you are getting massive heals.


We are using the dark cloak morph of shadow cloak, which is a very underrated skill in pvp at the moment.  When stacking high health this skill becomes very strong, hence the reason for the infused health glyph on our shield, making us sit at around 27k hp. After all factors are taken into account, on our back bar dark cloak becomes a 6k (not counting possible crits) over 3 seconds HoT, which is pretty nice. Our healing rotation is simple, heavy attack, vigor, bar swap, dark cloak. We also sit around 900~ up recov, giving us some extra heals.  Half the time, troll king will do the work of healing for us anyway.  We also have blood craze ticking on our enemies, which gives us a heal on par with forward momentum HoT, but if multiple targets are affected, you gain healing from all of them.

You may ask why dual weild instead of 2h?  There are a few reasons why:

1. Crit, extra crit from daggers helps a lot

2. Stacking heals with blood craze on multiple targets

3. Ruffian passive 

4. Quick cloak

5. Procing see her more reliably.  Fully charged heavy into blood craze into bash gives us 5 opportunities to proc our ravager, makingbwasier to maintain uptime. 

It is possible to use this setup with 2h, just by changing a few skills. Drop quick cloak, flying blade, blood craze, and mist form, and pick up double take, carve, trap beast, and forward momentum .  Both setups are good, but I prefer the dual weild.

We are running relentless focus on our back bar 2 reasons as well.

1. Our main stun is on our back bar, so hitting with a reverb then merciless in quick succession is easier this way

2. I wanted to have room for vigor on my front bar, out of preference.  I find it more effective to a heal on each bar.


Sustaining is pretty easy on this build as well, we are in heavy, pumping tenacity, as well as using leeching strikes, as well as stamina siphoning enchant and poison. My philosophy is HEAVY CANCLE EVERYTHING .  It gives us great resource return, as well as healing because of leeching strikes, around 2k every heavy.


I play this build very defensively.  Constantly heavy attack canceling every thing waiting for a ravager proc, once it does you choose a target, hit em with a few surprise attacks, and then either dawnbreaker surprise attacks, or reverb relentless. Best way to get that ravager proc is by doing a heavy attack, Bloodcraze, bash combo.  


Champion Point Tips


Priority CP

-1000 crit resist

-10% quick recovery

-10% Blessed

-15%~ Warlord

-22% shadow ward

-30~50% befouled

-22% master at arms

-12% Mighty




Build Rating

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  • OmegaSteel
    Jun 10, 2019

    Thanks for this. Been looking for something this entertaining to play.


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