Blazing Retribution

Author: The King of Elder Scrolls


Race: Imperial

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

50 14 0




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Spiked Bone Shield

Undaunted Skill

Spiked Bone Shield

Bone Shield


Structured Entropy

Mages Guild Skill

Structured Entropy




Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Invigorating Drain

Vampire Skill

Invigorating Drain

Drain Essence


Blazing Shield

Templar Skill

Blazing Shield

Sun Shield


Sturdy Horn

Assault Skill

Sturdy Horn

War Horn


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Restoration Staff


Heavy Armor Skill




Honor The Dead

Templar Skill

Honor The Dead

Rushed Ceremony


Spell Symmetry

Mages Guild Skill

Spell Symmetry



Extended Ritual

Templar Skill

Extended Ritual

Cleansing Ritual



Restoration Staff Skill




Replenishing Barrier

Support Skill

Replenishing Barrier



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 1 6


Gear and Item Set Info


Warrior-Poet (Heavy)

  • (2) Adds 1027 Maximum Health
  • (3) Adds 2548 Spell Resistance
  • (4) Adds 2548 Physical Resistance
  • (5) Gain Minor Toughness at all times, increasing your Max Health by 10%. Adds 1027 Maximum Health.

Warrior Poet: x3 Jewelry (use champ 160 truly superb gold mag regen enchants the cost reduction ones are better if you use skills more frequently but you should NOT be using skills that frequently as shields are quickest things you need to cast consistently and they last 6 seconds)

Warrior Poet: x1 Sword with defending trait!! it has to use defending trait as the goal of this build is to be as tanky as possible yet without losing sustain! I recommend a 4k dmg shield for enchant

Warrior Poet: x1 Shield with health boost enchant and infused trait!



Everything else youll need to go plague doctors with except for shoulders and helm which you will be using monster helms i listed below for instead 1 medium and 1 heavy (you can use both medium if you prefer a more pve oriented version of this build) If the RNGgod hates your guts then you can always just use a heavy armor pieces for the monster helm then go medium on shoulders or feet for the plagues doctor set pieces instead of heavy armor.

For the plagues doctor/monster helm sets above use at least 2x infused/2x reinforced (or nirnhoned)/ 1x impenetrable/ 2x mundus then go ALL health max enchants (except molag kena if you use that)


if looking to be capable of more burst dps for that finishing blow rather then waiting on your opponent to do damage back to you so you can reflect it back to them then you can use molag kena armor helm set and proc the overkill for 6 seconds which ultimately together gives near 700 spell & weap dmg buff which along with the 20% spell dmg buff from entropy allows your invig drain and empowered sweep to hit harder thus ending the fight when YOU want to end it rather than opponent.

BUT you can switch to maw of infernal or infernal guardian or even chokethorn too as they are nice for this build


General Info


Hello guys! Thank you for taking a look at my "Blazing Retribution" BS Tank build! This build is meant for dueling in 1v1 and thus being impossible to take down with the right skill (and actually take down the other player quickly instead). It is capable of handling PvE and Cyrodill PvP with the right adjustments to sustain. It will require Vampire stage 3-4 to be most efficient but feel free to experiment. Also keep in mind that with the Morrowind Update it nerfed the templar class and the blaze shield did indeed suffer so this build isnt as good as it once was but should still demolish if used right.

I will go down the list now why I feel each skill slotted above has a needed purpose on your skill bars:

1.) SPIKED BONE SHIELD: this is basically your weaker form of the blaze shield that our build revolves around obviously thus it is a NECESSITY. This skill will add another large shield for you that does damage back based on total health and what damage was received. You should ALWAYS have 2 shields up at all times! do not ever let your opponent break your shields and get to your precious health bar! This move uses stamina and we will have ABSOLUTELY no stam regen added other then 24% from vamp passive, medium armor and repentance but thats ok because 70% of time we will just be powerhitting which will regain stam fast. this is a good thing as it puts less stress on our mag regen which everything else relies on.

2.) STRUCTURED ENTROPY: 8% more max health, 20% more spell dmg buff, weak HOT and DOT.....need i say more?

3.) REPENTANCE: this awesome morph lets you gain 10% constant buff to stam/mag/health regen just for having it slotted! But wait! there is more because it also gives you the best heal in the game when fighting large mobs by refilling your health and stamina a couple thousand or so each corpse its used on so if you have just 5 or 6 corpses around you bam thats enough to bring your stam to max from empty and gain a huge fast heal. Easily one of the most useful skills in game whenever i play templar this is a must regardless of the build.

4.) INVIGORATING DRAIN: this vampire skill is so useful to us in so many ways as it is our primary heal and only, stun, ultimate regen and source of dps other then heavy hitting and shield popping. Whenever your opponent manages to penetrate your shields you need to immediately break away from danger and throw up shields then right away after that gain some distance and use this it will heal you for 22% of missing health each second and considering we have low magicka and spell damage it becomes our only way of healing quickly and the 3 second stun helps ensure we will get the full heal amount from it (66%). every six seconds you can stun them again with it so make sure you keep your shields up until then at least. Whenever your opponent is about to die and is focusing on shielding/healing/escape this becomes your biggest burst damage (even though its short DOT) after gaining the spell dmg buff from entropy and ensures that they cannot do anything for couple seconds at least which is enough time to finish them off especially if you proc the Molag Kena monster helm set (if thats what you choose).

5.) BLAZING SHIELD: this is the most obvious necessity of a Blazetank build of any kind it is what it stands for afterall this will inflict HUGE damage and keep you safe at same time and is buffed by 4% for each person around you.

ULTIMATE 1 (STURDY WAR HORN): is more of a personal recommendation rather than a requirement as other ultimates like empowered sweep work really well with this build as well. However, I prefer this ultimate because 10% more health, magicka, stamina makes a HUGE difference with this build keep in mind that 80k health bs tank with 10% more health becomes 88k health tank and thus has more dmg output and shielding as well. Not to even mention the added phys/spell resistances which will put you really close to the 30k caps once done and much higher with the buff from unstoppable.

6.) UNSTOPPABLE: the second action bar is really up to you as i honestly rarely need to use it so getting a second sword and shield might be valid as well to avoid losing set bonus but for this skill unstoppable is needed for its cc protection and long lasting phys/spell resistances buff which puts us over the resistance cap once done.

7.) HONOR THE DEAD: a burst heal which can give you back most magicka used in time i honestly have no need for this skill on my back bar as the resto loses out on one of the armor sets major health bonuses thus the heal does nothing for us it is literally just there to heal in case we are attacked while using resto for our buffs/ult

8.) SPELL SYMMETRY: a VERY unique skill that not everyone knows about or uses but is actually quite useful for this build. it gives you back magicka in return for even more health lost (like for example +5k magicka/ -10k health) which considering we should ALWAYS have our shields up and have a gigantic near 70k at least health bar this is not a problem when our magicka is out and we need it now!

9.) EXTENDED RITUAL: constant good HOT and a purification of effects that lasts awhile this along with mutagen should ALWAYS be up to make up for stage 3-4 vamps no health regen. 

10.) MUTAGEN: ^ explained above this along with extended ritual should ALWAYS be up.

ULTIMATE 2 (REPLENISHING BARRIER): this too is more of a personal preference but can be very useful for those "OMG im about to die" moments where health is low along with stam and mag and potions ran out as it gives a huge 20k shield along with about that much in healing over time and lasts 30 seconds this will not last long against a high dps opponent but will at least ensure your able to regain some resources before being in danger again and have a HOT going.

FOOD/DRINK BUFF: red frothgar or witchmothers potent brew

POTION: any good tri-pot or essence of immovability with health/mag boost


Champion Point Tips


I will only list the absolute necessities as i feel this can be adjusted according to each persons own use of this build:

Bastion: 100 (absolute neccessity)

Quick Recovery/Blessed: (id try and make sure you have at least 10% extra healing either from this or blessed or both) 

Elemental Defender/Hardy: (try to keep at least close to 10% here)

Tenacity: (absolutely critical for our stam recovery so try and keep healthy amount in here)

Arcanist: 95 (magicka sustain is necessity)

Mooncalf: (keep at least a few points in here)





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