Fury of the Storm

Author: The_Dunlop

Fury of the Storm


Race: Altmer (High Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

17,300 43,600 9,600




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Destruction Staff

Crystal Fragments

Sorcerer Skill

Crystal Fragments

Crystal Shard


Force Pulse

Destruction Staff Skill

Force Pulse

Force Shock


Destructive Reach

Destruction Staff Skill

Destructive Reach

Destructive Touch


Daedric Curse

Sorcerer Skill

Daedric Curse


Inner Light

Mages Guild Skill

Inner Light



Greater Storm Atronach

Sorcerer Skill

Greater Storm Atronach

Summon Storm Atronach


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Destruction Staff

Empowered Ward

Sorcerer Skill

Empowered Ward

Conjured Ward


Liquid Lightning

Sorcerer Skill

Liquid Lightning

Lightning Splash


Elemental Blockade

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Blockade

Wall of Elements


Power Surge

Sorcerer Skill

Power Surge



Elemental Drain

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Drain

Weakness to Elements


Elemental Rage

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Rage

Elemental Storm


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
7 0 0


Gear and Item Set Info


Set one: 5pc Law of Julianos

Type: Light, Style: Personal preference, Bonuses: ~3% spell critical, ~1096 max magicka, ~3% spell critical, ~299 spell damage

Explanation: This set provides a small magicka boost, a 6% spell crit boost, and an enormous increase to one's spell damage.

Location: Crafted (6 traits)

Suggested pieces: Lightning staff, lightning staff, chest, hands, feet, legs

Suggested traits: Infused/Nirnhoned (staves), infused (chest/legs), divines (hands/feet)

Suggested Enchantments: Weapon Damage [berserker] (Infused staff), Charged/Fiery Weapon (Nirnhoned staff), max Magicka (armor). [Note: I suggest you use an Infused staff on your front bar and a Nirnhoned on the back, but you should never have two of the same enchantment on your weapons. When one enchantment is activated and goes on cooldown, it puts any other weapon with that enchantment on cooldown as well.]

Set two: 3pc Willpower

Type: Weapon, Style: N/A, Bonuses: ~1400 Max Magicka / ~189 spell damage

Explanation: This set provides a 2 and 3pc bonus that are roughly 140% as effective as the normal set bonuses. The max magicka is always helpful, and the spell damage is the same.

Location: Undaunted daily/normal dungeon rewards, guild traders

Suggested pieces: Necklace, ring1, ring2

Suggested trait: Arcane

Suggested enchantments: 1 Decrease Spell Cost, 2 Increase Magical Harm

Set three: 2pc Torug's Pact

Type: Light, Style: Personal preference, Bonuses: ~124 spell damage

Explanation: This set provides a small boost to your spell damage. If desired, you can swap the 1pc monster mask for a 3rd piece of Torug's to boost your health. Alternatively, you can swap one piece of this armor for a 2pc Monster mask set.

Location: Crafted (3 traits)

Suggested pieces: Waist, shoulder

Suggested traits: Divines

Suggested Enchantments: Max Magicka

Set four: 1pc Ilambris

Type: Light, Style: Unique, Bonuses: ~1096 max magicka

Explanation: This set provides a small boost to max magicka. With two pieces, it adds an area of effect lightning attack to the build.

Location: Veteran Crypt of Hearts I

Suggested pieces: Head

Suggested traits: Infused

Suggested Enchantments: Max Magicka



General Info


This build focuses on dealing sustained damage at range and surviving, listed in decreasing order of importance. [Note: the image shown was taken when the following buffs were applied: Food, mundus stone, Inner Light, Bound Aegis. Expect between 15 and 19k single-target solo sustained DPS.]

Skill bar one: Lightning staff (main bar)

Crystal Fragments deals a sizable (12-15k normal, 20-25k crit) chunk of damage to any enemy you aim it at. The only downside is the Programmed Random OCcurrence as to when you can use it, but even this can be worked around.

Force Pulse is your main single-target attack, and can be spammed with relative ease.

Elemental Reach provides a Stun at range, and deals moderate damage over time. [Note: This skill can be swapped for something to boost DPS, such as Bound Aegis, if desired.]

Haunting Curse applies an effect to enemies that ticks twice, dealing considerable (9-12k normal, 18-22k crit) damage to the enemy with each explosion. When using this ability, you must be careful not to reapply it before the previous curse expires, or else you reset the timer on the explosion.

Inner Light provides up to 7% additional magicka, 2% regen, and 10% spell critical.

Greater Storm Atronach stands around and zaps things for an incredible amount of time. It can be useful on bosses that don't like to hold still or longer fights.

Bar two: Lightning staff (AoE and buff bar)

Empowered ward is one of the longest damage shields in the game at 10 seconds, and it applies a minor magicka regen buff which restores a significant amount of the ability's cost.

Liquid Lightning deals high damage to enemies in the area surrounding it for 10 seconds.

Elemental Blockade deals slightly less damage to enemies in a large area, and sets Concussed enemies Off Balance, improving group DPS.

Power Surge applies a significant self-heal, as well as 33 seconds of 20% increased spell damage.

Elemental Drain improves your sustainability on boss fights by a significant amount, and lowers the enemy's spell resistance by 5280, resulting in increased damage (that is, if the tank isn't using Pierce Armor). [Note: This is another 'flex skill,' meaning it can be swapped for Bound Aegis or another skill if you wish.]

Elemental Rage deals 8-10k damage every second for 9 seconds. That's rather a lot. The downside is the fixed area and the high cost of the ultimate (213 with Power Stone).

Race should be Altmer due to increased shock damage, max magicka, and magicka recovery. Dunmer and Breton also work.

Attribute points should be distributed as follows: 64 Magicka, 0 Health, 0 Stamina. You can switch these numbers around if needed to shore up any weaknesses you see in the build.

Mundus Stone can be Atronach for magicka sustain or Apprentice for increased spell damage, or even Thief for increased critical.

Suggested food: Blue quality Magicka/Health food, Witchmother's Brew


Champion Point Tips


The Warrior

Ironclad: 56-75 points

Hardy: 15+ points

Bastion: 56-75 points

Quick Recovery: 0-75 points [Note: This is a useful star, but should be used only once other stars' minumum suggested amounts have been met.]

The Thief

Mooncalf: 0+ points

Arcanist: 75 points

Warlord: 15+ points

Tumbling: 56-75 points

The Mage

Elemental Expert: 56-75 points

Spell Erosion: 0+ points

Staff Expert: 0+ points

Elfborn: 30+ points

Master at Arms: 56-75 points




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