PVE Mage Tank

Author: Joker1985


Race: ImperialImperial

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

25-28K REST 18K




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Inner Fire

Undaunted Skill

Inner Fire


Blazing Shield

Templar Skill

Blazing Shield

Sun Shield


Defensive Posture

One Hand And Shield Skill

Defensive Posture



Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Aggressive Horn

Assault Skill

Aggressive Horn

War Horn


Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Purifying Light

Templar Skill

Purifying Light



Breath of Life

Templar Skill

Breath of Life

Rushed Ceremony


Structured Entropy

Mages Guild Skill

Structured Entropy



Radiant Destruction

Templar Skill

Radiant Destruction


Empowering Sweep

Templar Skill

Empowering Sweep

Radial Sweep


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


You are going to be running 5 heavy, 1 light, and 1 medium armor, and sword and shield on both bars.

*If you dont have undaunted mettle run 7 heavy.*



Large Pieces- Infused (Chest, Helm, Pants)
Small Pieces- Divines (Boots, Belt, Gloves, Shoulders)
Sword- Defending
Shield- Reinforced (important to improve this for shield expert passive in Champion Points)

Jewelry- Reduce magicka or Reduced block cost


5x Hist bark
4x Seducer


5x Hist Bark (20% dodge chance while blocking)


5x Armor Master (only use this set if you have less than 32900 spell and physical res) 50% hard cap 

Remaining 4 pieces***

4x Song of Lamae (spell res, physical res, maxium health) ***survivability
4x Seducer (magicka recovery) ***more sustain

2x Blood Spawn ***survivability
2x Engine Guardian ***more sustain
2x Agility Set ***sword and shield

3x Endurance (Arcane) ***more sustain
3x Endurance (Heathy) ***more survivability

3x Will Power (Arcane) ***more sustain*
3x Will Power (Healthy) ***more survivability




General Info


After searching for months trying find a decent PVE guide, for Templar tanks, I decided I was going to make my own. This is a guide I am using to do Veteran Dungeons, as well as starting to approach trials.


Main bar:

Inner Fire - magicka taunt
Blazing Shield - Shield and AOE
Defensive Posture- Block 5% cost of block 5%
Structure Entropy- 5% heath
Channeled Focus- physical and spell resistance and Magicka recovery
Aggressive Horn- DPS kills bosses

Secondary Bar:

Pierce Armor- melee taunt, *or backup if you run out ofmagicka or just want to apply debuff
Purifying Light- use for melee heal and to proc Prism and Illuminate passives
Breath of Life- Heal
Repentance- Free heal, gains stamina no brainer for Trash pulls
Radiant Oppression or Glory: Execute ***Depends on if heals or damage is needed***
Empowering Sweep- Just used for Piercing Spear passive
Solar Prison- 30% reduce damage ***Situational***

This is just a basic load out... always remember tanking is very situational...

Some fights you will have to do damage in that case:

Puncturing sweeps: great heal and melee dps
Dark Flare: Empower buff and Range dps

Alternative Skills:

Aedric Spear: Luminous Shard (AOE resources for group)
Restoring Light: Extended Ritual (purify and cleanse)
One-Hand and Shield: Heroic Slash (ultimate gain)
Light Armor: Harness Magicka (spell shield)
Medium Armor: Elude (gain major evasion) ***no need using hist bark
Heavy Armor Unstoppable (physical and spell resistance)
Mages Guild: Volcanic Rune (CC 3 sec stun)
Undaunted: Bone Surge (health shield)
Assault: Razor Caltrops (snared enemies, AOE DoT)


I start every fight by casting Channeled Focus and Blazing Shield. Then either Caltrops or Volcanic Rune, if CC is needed. Next use Inner Fire to taunt the greatest threat, then recast Channeled Focus and Blazing Shield.  ***Always trying to keep my shield up. *** Repentance after each 2 or 3 mobs are killed. 


Channeled Focus, Blazing Shield, Inner Fire, Purifying Light.  Recast both buffs and taunt with either use Pierce Armor or Inner Fire. *always keeping block up*

***If you are not using dedicated healer, then swap Defensive Posture for Breath of Life ***

Simple but very effective!!!



Champion Point Tips


Blessed in Mage (healing)
Block Expert in warrior (reduced block cost)
Magician in Tower (reduced magicka cost)


Blessed 100

Elfborn 20


Warlord: 30

Magician: 80


Arcanist: 30


Block Expertise: 100

Spell Shield: 20


Heavy Armor Focus: 20






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  • Bianca
    Mar 4, 2016

    What do you recommend on enchantments?

    • Joker1985
      Mar 4, 2016

      I’m currently running mostly magica, with cost reduction, for more sustain in veteran dungeons. However, for trials, you are going to want to enchant for health and block cost reduction on jewelry. You have to find a common ground between having enough resources and enough health. You can also, switch up mundus stone. Lord for more health or atronach for more recovery. Thanks for checking out the build.

  • Molag-Muffins
    Mar 10, 2016

    Can you be more specific as to how many attribute points are spent where? Also, is this a stamina? or a magicka build…

    Thanks for the great info!

    • XxJoker1985xX
      Mar 10, 2016

      This is a Magicka build… There is no right number when it comes to stats. All races have different bonuses… You just want to hit those stat ranges.


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