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Race: Dunmer (Dark Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

17-22 17-22 28-33




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Biting Jabs

Templar Skill

Biting Jabs

Puncturing Strikes


Rapid Strikes

Dual Wield Skill

Rapid Strikes



Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Breath of Life

Templar Skill

Breath of Life

Rushed Ceremony


Radiant Oppression

Templar Skill

Radiant Oppression

Radiant Destruction



Fighters Guild Skill



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Two Handed

Restoring Focus

Templar Skill

Restoring Focus

Rune Focus



Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Critical Charge

Two Handed Skill

Critical Charge


Wrecking Blow

Two Handed Skill

Wrecking Blow



Reverse Slash

Two Handed Skill

Reverse Slash



Mages Guild Skill



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 5 1


Gear and Item Set Info


Okay. So this is just a test build, I dont know much of the game, but i know enough to know if this build is correct it should be great for Pve, And some Pvp. its just a test. I switched a few things around messed with alot of stuff. So ima mix between Kvatch Gladiators. Obviously It will be ( Divine-Infused ) Medium And basically its for the weapon crit and weapon damage. then You can go either 3 pieces. Or 2. but id prefer 3 for more weapon damage. Then Ima run some viper, OR hulking draugr For the max stamina. Then youre gonna want the rings and necklace Of hulking draugr or Viper with increase physical harm for weapon damage, so youre gonna be topped up on alot of crit and damage. Also check out senches bite i was gonna farm for thatbut. thats on you guys.'s+Sting+Set


General Info


Okay. You need to find the rotation that works best for you. The build its self is pretty good. but the skills i prefer letting you use what you know best. Its what ever you feel comfortable with but i use it like how its shown on here. Also i used tri pot foods not blue so ( purp ) food is what you need. Monster set. Kra'ghs or i was using velidrath. but as i say. Look for Damage close up Fighting. MAINLY but its how you feel comfortable. Youll do damage no matter what. 


Champion Point Tips


Champion points I need to reset mine. So this is how i have them before but i dont know if ill move any around yet. because of the magic skills: 

Theif: The Lover

tenacity - 66 

mooncalf - 66 

healthy - 30 -Invest atleast 50 

The Tower: 

siphoner : 24 - Doesnt matter build it up slowly.

Warlord - I will put 20 - 30 

The shadow :

Tumbling : 10 - build it up slowly.

Mage : 

The apprentice - 

Elemental Expert - 34 

Spell Erosion - 10 - will need more

Elfborn - invest some here.

The Atronach :

Physical Weapon Expert : 50 

Master at arms : 22

Shattering Blows : 20

The Ritual : 

Precise strikes : 25


Mighty : 18

Warrior :

The Steed:

Medium armor focus: 40

Resistant: 22

The Lady :

Thick Skinned: 10

Elemental Defender : 24

Hardy : 40 

The Lord:

Expert Defender : 30 

Bastion: 10 

Quick Recovery 20







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  • PokingSmotAlot
    Jul 14, 2017

    For the build also. use daggers of Kvatch or from one of the other sets. Make sure you put on weapon damage glyph’s.


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