The Melter

Author: King_Duncan_VII


Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

16,000 - 18,000 (0) 9,000 - 11,000 (0) 27,000 - 30,000 (64)




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield


Nightblade Skill


Teleport Strike


Shrouded Daggers

Dual Wield Skill

Shrouded Daggers

Hidden Blade


Blood Craze

Dual Wield Skill

Blood Craze

Twin Slashes


Surprise Attack

Nightblade Skill

Surprise Attack

Veiled Strike


Killer's Blade

Nightblade Skill

Killer's Blade

Assassin's Blade


Flawless Dawnbreaker

Fighters Guild Skill

Flawless Dawnbreaker



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Bow

Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor




Medium Armor Skill




Mass Hysteria

Nightblade Skill

Mass Hysteria

Aspect of Terror


Poison Injection

Bow Skill

Poison Injection

Poison Arrow


Shadowy Disguise

Nightblade Skill

Shadowy Disguise

Shadow Cloak


Werewolf Berserker

Werewolf Skill

Werewolf Berserker

Werewolf Transformation


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 7 0


Gear and Item Set Info


Armor Set(s):

- Hunding's Rage (5 Piece [3 Armor, 2 Maces, 1 Bow - Alt Weapon])

- Marksmen's Crest (5 Piece [2 Armor, 3 Jewelry])- Molag Kena (1 Piece [Shoulder - Medium])- Blood Spawn (1 Piece [Head - Medium])

Armor Sets Explanation:

The 5 piece Hunding's Rage will give you a nice Weapon Crit boost, Max Stamina, and a really nice Weapon Damage boost with all five pieces. So this is just a great set for an overall DPS boost.The 5 piece Marksmen's Crest set will give you some awesome recovery with the first 3 pieces, some more Weapon Damage with the 4th piece, and the 5th piece will reduce all Stamina ability costs by 5% as well as boost your Bow attacks by 8% - which is great for when we apply our DoT.For our Monster sets, we'll go with 1 piece of Molag Kena for the Weapon Damage boost and 1 piece of Blood Spawn for an additional Stamina Recovery boost. We're going for a nice Weapon Damage output as well as some good recovery so that we can hit hard for a longer period of time. In my opinion, this type of build is better than those builds that stack only into Weapon Damage and lack tremendously in resource management. No point in being able to hit really hard if I can only do it for a very short amount of time.Moving on.7 Pieces of all Medium Armor:The more pieces of medium armor you have, the bigger the Weapon Critical boost you get, the more recovery you will get, and the less your Stamina abilities will cost.

Weapon and Armor Traits:

For all of my Weapons, I go with Sharpened - it will allow you to deal the most damage, from what I've seen.For my armor, I usually go with all Divines. Another option would be to go with Infused on your Head, Chest, and Legs and the leave the rest in Divines - this will allow you to get a bigger Max Stamina pool.

Weapon and Armor Enchants:

For my Weapons, I usually go with the enchant that increases my Weapon Damage on one of my maces, and on my other mace, I go with the enchant that restores stamina. This way I am able to get more out of my DPS while also getting more out of my resource management. Stamina enchants on all of your armor. If you'd like a bigger Health pool, put 3 Health enchants on your Head, Chest, and Legs.


General Info


Important Info:

• Go with, either, the Shadow Mundus Stone to increase the damage of your Critical Hits or Warrior Mundus Stone to increase your overall Weapon Damage. Both a good.

• Invest into all of the passive of the Fighter's Guild.

• Dual Wield skill tree (passives) must be maxed out so you can add two skill points into its final passive that gives you an Armor Penetration boost for having two Maces.

• Max out the passives in your Bow skill line.

• ***Hybrid Food: Max Health and Stamina Recovery. You can go with the alternative of Max Health and Max Stamina but your recovery will suffer.

• Potion: Restore Stamina and Increase Stamina Regen.Build Strengths and Weaknesses:

Build Strengths:

• High Damage (3.5K to 3.9K)

• Good Recovery (2.3K to 2.8K)

Build Weaknesses:

• Moderate Health

Skill Swap for PvE:

• Quick Cloak (for Mobility) instead of Ambush.

• Endless Hail (for additional DoT) instead of Shadowy Disguise.

• Bloodthirst (for additional DoT and Health sustain) instead of Surprise Attack.You will be a DoT melting god.

PvP Combat Strategy (PvE Combat Strategy Below): In PvP, I usually open with my Bow bar and start with a Heavy Bow Attack followed by a Poison Injection to get a DoT on them. I'd then switch to my Dual Wield bar, throw my Shrouded Dagger to give me the 20% Weapon Damage increase for 20 seconds. Afterwards, I'd gap close using my Ambush followed by a Blood Craze slash (putting, yet, another type of DoT effect on my enemy - now there's two eating away at them). Then, I'd weave in my Light Dual Wield attacks with my Surprise Attack until I get them in the 25% Health range. Lastly, I'd finish them off with my Killer's Blade execution. Throughout this rotation, I am using Shuffle for 20% Dodge Chance, Relentless Focus for 8% Weapon Damage increase and Stamina Recovery bonus, my Mass Hysteria (CC) every 6 seconds or so to make it hard for my enemy to use abilities, and Vigor to keep my Health recovering constantly. Also, as soon as their at 50% Health or lower, I use Poison Injection for an even heavier DoT and continue to add pressure until my enemy is dead.PvE Combat Strategy:For PVE, the only difference is that you will be using even more DoTs with the Endless Hail and Bloodthirst abilities that will definitely shred your enemy's health in seconds. This build is also great for Vet Maelstrom Arena!


• When fighting, use your Mass Hysteria approx. every 6 seconds to keep the CC pressure on your enemies.

• When fighting, keep your potions flowing and active. As soon as you can drink a potion, do it. Keep doing it until you fight is over.

• If you manage to get your hands on Maelstrom Dual Wield Daggers, slot them in replace of your Hunding's Rage maces. Get rid of Blood Spawn Helm and replace with Hunding's Rage. You may have to get rid of your 5 piece Marksmen and go down to 4 (which is still amazing).

• If you manage to get your hands on the Master Bow, replace your Hunding's Rage bow with that. You will be a walking god.


Champion Point Tips


Important CP Suggestion:

• 100 Points into Mighty Strikes

• 20 Points into Thaumaturge

• 47 Points into Precise Strikes (or you could pour this into Thaumaturge for even bigger DoTs)

General CP Advice:

• Add CP into things that will help your Stamina resource management (Recovery and Cost Reduction).

• Add CP into the Damage Reduction passives as well (maybe split between Physical and Magic damage)

• Go with your gut on what you think is best for the other areas of the Champion System.

• If you don't have 501 CP, scale down the CP distribution proportionally to the amount of CP you have.




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  • King_Duncan_VII
    Jun 30, 2016

    I apologize for the way this showed up. The admins need to fix the textarea input boxes when submitting a build as it just crammed everything together. If you can still read it, good. Not typing this over. Haha. Have a good one.

    • ESO Academy
      Jul 1, 2016

      Sorry about that. The text areas should be fixed now, I hope.

  • Cloudhands
    Jul 1, 2016

    I use a similar build thanks in part your post here. Shrouded Daggers and then back to my bow bar – does the major brutality buff apply to my bow shots similar to how a 2H Momentum buff works?

  • charlie
    Jul 3, 2016

    Hiya if i dont have vigor or the dawnbreaker skills which others would you recommend?


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