Bloodthirsty (PvE) Dragonbones DLC

Author: Morphyne


Race: Redguard

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

0 0 64




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Rending Slashes

Dual Wield Skill

Rending Slashes

Twin Slashes


Deadly Cloak

Dual Wield Skill

Deadly Cloak

Blade Cloak


Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor



Subterranean Assault

Warden Skill

Subterranean Assault



Bull Netch

Warden Skill

Bull Netch

Betty Netch



Dual Wield Skill




Bar 2

Weapon 2: Two Handed

Wrecking Blow

Two Handed Skill

Wrecking Blow




Two Handed Skill




Rearming Trap

Fighters Guild Skill

Rearming Trap

Trap Beast


Bird of Prey

Warden Skill

Bird of Prey

Falcons Swiftness


Green Lotus

Warden Skill

Green Lotus

Lotus Flower


Flawless Dawnbreaker

Fighters Guild Skill

Flawless Dawnbreaker



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 7 0


Gear and Item Set Info


The gear setup is focused on bleeding and getting our bleed damage maximized as much as possible. With this in mind, there's really only two gear sets that make this build work well with bleeding and by surprise, they come out of the Horns of Reach DLC

Head - Velidreth/Selene  |   Infused/Divine

Shoulders - Velidreth/Selene   |  Infused/Divine

Chest - Blooddrinker   |   Infused/Dvine

Gloves - Blooddrinker  |   Infused/Divine

Boots - Pillar of Nirn   |   Infused/Divine

Legs - Pillar of Nirn   |  Infused/Divine

Waist - Pillar of Nirn  |  Infused/Divine

Ring(s) - Blooddrinker  |  Weapon Damage + Robust  

Amulet - Blooddrinker  |  Weapon Damage + Robust

Bar 1 Duel wield(Axe+Dagger) -  Pillar of Nirn  |  Stamina absorb + Sharpened 

Bar 2 Two-Hander(Axe) -  Maelstrom  |  Stamina abosrb + Sharpened


So why Blooddrinker and Pillar of Nirn? With a full set of Blooddrinker, our bleed DoT effects are increased by 20% damage done. That means our bleed damage from Twin Slashes, Cleave, the bleed proc from using axes dualwield and two-handed, and the bleed damage from Pillar of Nirn all gain a boost of damage just from the set alone. Which leads us to Pillar of Nirn, giving us a 2,000 initial hit damage, plus an extra 8,000 bleed DoT that last for 10 seconds. This is amazing because we can only proc the set bonus of Pillar of Nirn every 10 seconds, so within the cooldown time we are dealing a constant stream of damage and once the cool down comes off, we can repeat and with hope, we can continuously keep the bleed damage going. 


General Info



When creating this build, I've had a lot of people ask, "Why bleed?" And to plainly put it, It's something that isn't done often.  Which got me thinking, just what abilities actually cause bleeding?  So doing a bit of research, I found that both the dual wield and two-hander both have great ways of causing bleeds.  Doing a little bit of grinding for the right sets and putting things in the right places, and this was born!  Now some of you still maybe skeptical about the build and yes, I do share some of your concerns. That being said, it works awfully well! 


+ The damage is on par with many other builds out there.

+ We do lose that range factor not having a bow in our bar 2 setup, but with bleeding, even if we have to duck away from combat, we're still dealing damage without being present. 

+ Great stamina management, especially with the warden class we should never run low.

+ We have great utility especially for dungeons/trials.



- I wouldn't recommend this build for PvP. It can be useful, but it's not your average button smashing Sorc build.

- Can be squishy at times, even with a heal we can find it hard in tough situations.


Build Rotation: 

I'll try to make this easy as I possibly can so you can understand how everything falls together. 

Before Combat - Buff yourself with Bull Netch then switch to bar 2 and buff yourself with Bird of Prey and Green Lotus. It is crucial that we have all three going at all times to maximize damage. While staying on bar 2 we'll move on into combat. 

During Combat - Start by throwing a Rearming Trap down and then swing with Carve. Switch over to bar 1 (If you're Ultimate is ready, use Rend when you switch to bar 1) then use Deadly Cloak.  Use Rending Slashes.  Then to finish off your rotation, you'll first use Subterranean Assualt switch over to your bar 2, then use Wrecking Blow. Repeat this rotation, but in the second rotation, skip Deadly Cloak as it lasts for 15 seconds and won't need to be used again till after your second rotation. Make sure to use Rend whenever it's ready and keep those buffs up whenever they go down.

*NOTE* make sure to auto-attack between each ability to maximize damage, and heavy-attack when running low on stamina.




Champion Point Tips


Champion Points: 300




Percise Strikes - 11

Mooncalf 62

Tenacity - 38

Ironclad - 48

Thick Skinned - 20

Hardy - 16

Elemental Defender - 16

The champion points are entirely up to you. This is how I have my setup currently just as an example.





Build Rating

Rating: 5.0. From 3 votes.
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  • Liam Blau
    Jun 9, 2018

    I run something similar to this but no pvp or fighters guild skills. I also run 2 heavy and 5 medium. The 2 heavy help with the damage recieving.


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