Templar Stamina PVP

Author: ThatsABigHit, PS4


Race: RedguardRedguard

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

-25000 -10000 26000-




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Two Handed

Biting Jabs

Templar Skill

Biting Jabs

Puncturing Strikes



Two Handed Skill




Critical Rush

Two Handed Skill

Critical Rush

Critical Charge


Wrecking Blow

Two Handed Skill

Wrecking Blow




Nightblade Skill




Fighters Guild Skill



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Bow

Cleansing Ritual

Templar Skill

Cleansing Ritual


Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor




Templar Skill


Restoring Aura


Binding Javelin

Templar Skill

Binding Javelin

Piercing Javelin


Razor Caltrops

Assault Skill

Razor Caltrops



Clouding Swarm

Vampire Skill

Clouding Swarm

Bat Swarm


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
0 5 2


Gear and Item Set Info


5 hunding

5 ravaging

1 blood spawn/ Molag kena


General Info


Hey what's going on everyone. BigHit bringing you my pvp build on my stamplar. I got around 500+ hours in pvp alone... I can 1v4-5 with this build pretty easily just based off of experience and skill. Sitting at 420 champ points right now and this is my alternate I have a mag sorc he's maxed out all that good stuff. So Let's get to it.


First off this is a moderate to advanced build so beginners, sorry gonna have to check another build. 

Essential Stats: 

weapon dmg: 3939(buffed)

Stam recover: 2300+(two handed last passive raises this after a kill)

Weapon crit: 39.1%

max Stam: 26000+

I know some people may be wondering why I am running a ravaging vet 14, honestly that 600+ weapon damage is turned into 900+ by using your rally... 


Fighting tips: 1)start on two handed bar, rally once, now switch bars

Vigor and ritual= buffing up

2) throw your javelin to knock down and put caltrops right on top or behind that person(people usually roll away from you) 

3) switch bars and crit Rush (closer) 

4) use biting jabs (to try and proc ravaging set)

5) wrecking blow when they are ready to be knocked down again(little circle swirling underneath feet is gone) 

6) executioner to finish them off.


Now overtime with practice and experience you will be able to decide which move you want to use. For example, a  Magic Templar healing himself would(in my opinion) love wrecking blows to his face, because it wastes all his magic on him trying to heal himself. You will find a lot of success if done right. I've got videos of me 1v5 in the sewers.

Defense: use dodge roll smartly... 

The passive under bow gives you movement speed after rolling so take advantage and pick a spot you are comfortable with to do the fighting. Also you can run away if shit hits the fan.


Cleanse and vigor. Switch bars and rally..

then switch bars again and throw the javelin so you can apply the pressure. 


Ive got tips and tricks on how to beat sorcs, night blades, basically any class all from pure experience. So shoot me a message online or at my email because I honestly don't wanna just blah blah blah on here so yeah. 


Last thing: if you're wondering why I'm being so helpful. I've been a Templar stamina based since the game came out and there are not a lot of good stamplars... So yeah STAMPLAR FTW!


Champion Point Tips


I've got 140 in each tree... So if you're running a bit low that's fine don't worry. I will do it off percentages... So let's say you have 150.. Divide by 3 you got 50 in each. 50% of 50 is 25. Got it? For those of you who decided to skip math class.

Red: Hardy(50%)

        Quick recovery(10%)

        Thick skinned(20%)

        Elemental defender(20%)

Red is the one you can play around with a bit.. Remember how I said I have 120? Well the 120 passive in the lady tree(hardy, thick skinned, elemental defender) will reduce cost of stamina abilities by 80% after you break free for 3 seconds. This is big and when you reach that 120 mark, make sure you get that passive. Mainly to throw caltrops and vigor because caltrops cost 5000+ stamina


Green: Focus on warlord, mooncalf and tumbling. 







     Precise strikes(40%)







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  • Author(Bighit)
    Feb 26, 2016

    The two handed bar has absorb magic.. I put wrecking blow but I guess it didn’t register. So yeah it’s wrecking blow

  • Sephy
    Mar 20, 2019

    Not terrible but also not good. You have no power of the light or rending slashes for added dps pressure meaning the dps you output will be pretty mediocre. Also without running any defensive set you’re gonna get crushed quickly due to low resistances. Dizzying swing is also far better than wrecking blow and javelin really isn’t a strong CC for melee in PvP. Then there’s the vampire stuff.. this must be pretty out of date because running vampire in PvP is badddd due to high amount of people slinging fire and dawnbreaker. That vampire ult absolutely must be replaced with something useful (Remembrance) for this build to work at all, especially in BGs. Overall not a horrible build but very average and more of a glass cannon than a real brawler.


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