The Posionus pest

Author: AwareIMAB055


Race: Khajiit

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

0 0 64




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Killer's Blade

Nightblade Skill

Killer's Blade

Assassin's Blade


Shadowy Disguise

Nightblade Skill

Shadowy Disguise

Shadow Cloak


Mass Hysteria

Nightblade Skill

Mass Hysteria

Aspect of Terror


Surprise Attack

Nightblade Skill

Surprise Attack

Veiled Strike



Nightblade Skill


Teleport Strike


Incapacitating Strike

Nightblade Skill

Incapacitating Strike

Death Stroke


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Two Handed


Two Handed Skill




Siphoning Attacks

Nightblade Skill

Siphoning Attacks

Siphoning Strikes


Resolving Vigor

Assault Skill

Resolving Vigor




Medium Armor Skill




Relentless Focus

Nightblade Skill

Relentless Focus

Grim Focus


Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Fighters Guild Skill

Dawnbreaker of Smiting



Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 5 1


Gear and Item Set Info


Going to have 2 different gear sets shown : beginner gear sets, and gear sets for experienced players.


Experienced player set :

5x spriggan, this set is for tanks, I chose this set for the extra penetration

2 swords  sharpened with a weapon damage enchant and a poison enchant

3x jewelry all robust with weapon damage enchants.

5x cleaver alchemist on your body(one heavy chest) except head and shoulder, all impenetrable if you think you're good enough, do divines.

. With prismatic on big pieces and max stamina on small pieces  

2 velidreth in divines ((one light shoulder)) (called poison pest for a reason)


beginner :

5x eternal hunt all impenetrable on your body ( 2 sharpened swords, one chest, one belt, one hands)

(can run hundings if you want the extra damage but the rune is good for escaping and immobilizing)

5x spriggan all robust jewelry with weapon damage enchants and boots and legs in impen 

2x Selene in impen


General Info


One shot. Dead shot, and vampire 1vx are my previous Nightblade builds, I'm very heavy on dual wield and two hand, i like playing up close And personal and I like having several buffs up to increase my effectiveness in battle, also all on the same bar which I like. Main bar which is dual wield will hold all my dps skills, Killers blade, our execution, mass hysteria, our stun and our source to burst down opponents, shadowy disguise our guarnted crit and our escape move.

two hand I have rally, my burst heal and 20% damage buff, siphoning attack, our sustain ability, resolving vigor, another heal, shuffle, dodge chance, and immunity to snares for about 3 seconds, and relentless focus, stamina recovery and increase damage, still trying to get better at using the bow.

Combos - In stealth ----> buff all the way up -------> shadowy disguise coming up on player--------> use potion as soon as you do that---------> heavy attack--------> incapacitating strike---------> killers blade OR surprise attack and light attack weave until 25%.

basically when a player hits 25% killers blade will end them... you win when they're 25% UNLESS they have a shield up then you should back off unless your confident enough to be able to wipe them .

being evasive is a huge part of this build, popping shuffle and dodge rolling will keep you alive.


Just use purple tri stat food that last 2 hours .

potions I use : essence of immovability, that increases movement speed and gives back stamina 



Champion Point Tips


100 mighty 

75 precise strikes 

25 into penetration 

75 hardy 

75 elemental defender

50 medium armor

50 warlord

50 mooncalf

50 arcanist 

50 into reduce cost of magic abilities 




Build Rating

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  • Paolo
    Apr 16, 2017

    I love your video, can you help me pls?

    • Chase phillips
      Apr 17, 2017

      How can I help?

  • Paolo
    Apr 18, 2017

    according to me you are the strongest nightblade that I have seen on eso (pc, ps4, Xbox). I love play only pvp, i,ve seen you video on Xbox site, but it’s hard to know your style coz your video are short!
    Record an long pvp video, where you show your equip, enchant, cp and your rotation! this way I can inspire to your style of game.
    still compliment! teacher 😀


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